ReportHost is a Great Tool for Students and Instructors

Both students and inspectors benefit from using ReportHost. It's accessible, easy to use, and free to start. Students will understand how to write a high quality report, and instructors will find their students' reports easy to review.

For students
  • Zero investment: No cost to join, no software to buy.
  • Free during training: Students get 15 free reports (these never expire).
  • No need for expensive mobile devices: ReportHost allows you to perform inspections with printed field notes, a clipboard and a pen. Then students can write their reports on school desktop or laptop computers.
  • Or use you your own mobile device - any kind! ReportHost's mobile software works on any device with a modern browser. This includes iOS and Android tablets and phones, Macs, Windows computers, Kindles, laptops and desktops - whatever suits your style as you train and learn and whatever works best for you and your growing business.
  • Great report writing templates: Our free report writing templates meet or exceed most state and professional organizations' standards of practice. Short narrative pre-written comments explain defects clearly and succinctly.
  • Easy to learn: Our mobile software and website forms guide students through the report writing process, ensuring that their reports are complete and standards-compliant.
  • No software to download or install: ReportHost is a web-based service. There's no need to download software from app stores. Use our website to publish reports. Our mobile software is an offline web application, so all you need is a device with a modern browser.
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For instructors
  • Zero investment: No cost to join, no software to buy. We always make sure instructors have all the free reports they need to teach and demonstrate report writing.
  • Student tracking: Instructors have easy online access to student reports. Students submit their reports for review by sending an email to their instructor that contains a link to their report.
  • Use any equipment: Students can use whatever mobile device they want for performing inspections, so long as it has a modern browser. They can also perform inspections with a clipboard, printed field notes and a pen. Then use and desktop or laptop computer to publish reports.
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