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ReportHost Launches Web-Based Report Writing Service for Home Inspectors

Seattle, WA - November 26, 2003 - Home inspectors now have an entirely new way to write, publish and deliver reports. Founded in 2003 and located in WA state, ReportHost LLC provides a "web-based" report writing service that lets inspectors write and publish reports through the ReportHost website. Reports are stored as web pages on ReportHost servers and are accessible through their website. This service includes industry-standard features such as the ability to include digitial pictures in reports and to customize and format report information, but being web-based sets it apart from other software solutions.

A sample report can be seen at

Why use a web-based report writing system instead of traditional software? "It makes sense in quite a few ways," said Jim Gallant, ReportHost's founder. "There's no need to buy or install any software, it works on all popular operating systems, you can write reports on any internet-capable computer, and upgrades occur automatically. We make significant upgrades to our site frequently, and based largely on feedback from our users. Traditional software requires users to download and install upgrades, and most software companies charge fees for these upgrades. With ReportHost, upgrades are automatic, free, and users' suggestions for features are taken seriously."

While other forms of electronic report delivery have been in use for some time, ReportHost's web page report format may have significant benefits over Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Web page reports can be viewed reliably and quickly on computers with any operating system. Clients simply click a link in an email from their inspector to see the report, eliminating the need for printing or faxing. Clients aren't required to download and install Adobe Acrobat PDF readers, and there's no risk of infecting computers with viruses contained in attached documents sent via email.

ReportHost is available to all home inspectors. With no software to buy or install, and 10 free reports, it's especially attractive for new home inspectors and experienced inspectors considering a move to electronic report delivery. Users of other software may also appreciate ReportHost's high quality report format and uniquely customizable report information. "After 25 years of using other types of reporting systems I have found the system that really works for me and is praised by my clients," said George Guttman of Sound Home Inspections Inc in Seattle, WA.

Windermere/Poulsbo Realtor, Casey McGrath, who has switched exclusivley to using All Point Home Inspections', on-line web-based reports, states "My clients love these reports. Not only do they have instant access to their report but it makes negotiating repair settlements much easier because all of the parties can be given permission to view complete data with color photos." He went on further to say, "In the past, I have received printed reports or faxed reports that were sometimes orginally submitted in "PDF" format and the impact just isn't the same."

ReportHost, the premier web-based inspection report writing software, provides report writing and hosting services, as well as free home pages to inspection professionals in North America. Visit for more information.

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