Our Templates

ReportHost users can download any of our inspection templates for free.

The templates

Home Inspection - Standard

The template new ReportHost users are automatically given. Approximately 900 concerns and 220 description items. Meets or exceeds InterNACHI, ASHI, NAHI, CAHPI, CREIA, FABI and most states' standards of practice.

Home Inspection - Extended

The big kahuna! Approximately 1500 concerns and 300 description items. Exceeds InterNACHI, ASHI, NAHI, CAHPI, CREIA, FABI and most states' standards of practice.


Just what you need for inspecting condo interiors, and a cursory look at common areas.


Versatile template useful for offices, warehouses, retail spaces and more. Includes sections for Life/Safety and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Covers non-residential issues such as documents and interviews, parking areas, restrooms, and loading docks.


Based on our "Home Inspection Standard" template, but with built-in choices for up to 10 units, plus additional items specific to multi-unit properties.


Over 440 concerns and 100 description items involving code violations common to new construction. We have 2 versions, 1 with and 1 without references to the 2009 and 2012 International Residential Codes (IRC).

Four-Point Insurance Inspection

Designed for insurance inspections performed in Florida. Standard four part template including Electric, Plumbing, Roof, HVAC. Compliant with various insurance companies as of 2018.

Pool and Spa

Covers pool and spa bodies, decking, coping, filter systems, heaters, circulation systems, electrical systems, access and safety issues, and more.


Includes a spore sample section that you can repeat as many times as needed, and concerns related to moisture and air quality.

Descriptions Only

Our Extended template with the concerns omitted. Useful for those who want to use our description items so their reports are compliant with various standards of practice but who want to write their own concerns. Also for those who are building their templates from scratch.


Contains various report sections that can be imported into your template including "Private well", "Private Septic System" and "Recall Check". Enter appliance brand, model# and serial# info into the Recall Chek section to make it easy to submit information for your RecallCheck reports. See RecallChek for details on this service.

Each template is organized by report section. For example, our Home inspection - Standard template contains the following report sections:

  • General Information
  • Grounds
  • Exterior and Foundation
  • Crawl Space
  • Basement
  • Roof
  • Attic and Roof Structure
  • Garage or Carport
  • Electric
  • Plumbing / Fuel Systems
  • Water Heater
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC)
  • Fireplaces, Stoves, Chimneys and Flues
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms, Laundry and Sinks
  • Interior, Doors and Windows
  • Wood Destroying Organism Findings
Items in sections

Within report sections there are 3 types of items:

Descriptions quantify or describe items and help make your reports compliant with various standards of practice. For example, noting that an electric service is rated at 200 amps, or that a water heater's capacity is 50 gallons.

Concerns are short narratives that explain defects or conditions that require repair, further evaluation, monitoring, etc. Concerns can include hyperlinks to related websites, images, illustrations, and more. Concerns may have one or more types associated with them, including:

Safety Safety
Major defect Major defect
Repair/Replace Repair/Replace
Repair/Maintain Repair/Maintain
Minor defect Minor defect
Evaluate Evaluate
Monitor Monitor
Comment Comment

These types determine the order in which concerns appear within a report section. For example, Safety items appear at the top of a section while Monitor and Comment items appear near the bottom.

Labels are words or phrases that visually organize your templates. They can group related concerns together or denote subsections within a report section. They do not appear in published reports.

Each description and concern has a short phrase to identify them in our mobile software and on field notes printed from your report templates.
Customizing your templates

You get the Home inspection - Standard report template when we activate your account. You can download other templates as you wish. Any report template in your account can be customized in a variety of ways. For example, you can:

  • Add, modify or delete concerns descriptions and labels
  • Delete, change the names of, or reorder report sections
  • Move or replicate concerns, descriptions or labels within or between report sections
  • Import concerns, descriptions, labels or entire report sections from our default templates into your own templates
  • Create your own templates
  • Copy one template to another (useful for multi-inspector companies that want to share the same customized template)
Section example

The example below shows the Water Heater section in our Home inspection -Extended template as you'd see it in our printed field notes. Descriptions are shown in blue, concerns are shown in red, and labels are shown in black.

Water Heater
1 Limitations: ____________________
2 Excluded: Solar
3 Limited eval: Tankless heater Indirect tankless Just turned on Vacation setting
4 Obscured by: Insulated jacket | Stored items | Permanent, locked enclosure
5 Not fully evaluated - gas supply was off / local gas shut-off was off / pilot light was off / electricity supply was off / overcurrent protection device was off, tripped or missing / safety switch was off
6 Condition: Serviceable / Repair, replace, eval / Near, at or beyond lifespan / Not determined / N/A (none) / ____________
7 Type: Tank / Tankless / Integral w/ tank / Integral tankless / Condo, common area / Condo, not determined / Not determined / ____________
8 Energy source: Electricity / Natural gas / Propane / Oil / Solar / ____________ Estimated age: __________
9 Capacity: 30 / 38 / 40 / 46 / 47 / 50 / 52 / 65 / 66 / 80 / N/A / Not determined / ____________
10 Manufacturer: American / American Proline / American Standard / A.O. Smith / AquaStar / Bosch / Bradford White / Envi-Ro-Temp / General Electric / Hotpoint / Reliance / Rheem / Richmond / Row Con / Rudd / State / Takagi / U.S. Craftmaster / Whirlpool / Not determined / ____________
11 Model #: ____________________ Serial #: ____________________ Water temperature: _____
12 Location: Garage / Util / Mech / Laundry / Basement / Crawl space / Closet / Ext. closet (mfg. home) / Attic / Not determined / ____________
13 Age: Lifespan (8-12 yrs) - near / at / beyond Unknown, may be old
14 Leaking - supply pipes or fittings / shut-off valve Corrosion - supply pipes or fittings / shut-off valve
15 Undersized Reverse plumbed Direct connection, plastic supply pipe
16 Rumbling or gurgling Recirculation pump installed, explain
17 Tank casing: Leaking, replace Corrosion Water stains below
18 Temp: > 120 | Cool, cold Bonding: Wires, clamps loose - water / gas | Steel clamp on copper pipe
19 Seismic straps: Missing | Substandard Insulated jacket - damaged / deteriorated
20 No catch pan over finished space: House | Condo No drain line for pan
21 TPR valve: Missing | Leaking Water shut-off valve: Missing | Handle missing
22 TPR drain line: None, accessible | None, inaccessible Sloped up Flex connector PVC
23 Drain line - was less than 3/4 inch in diameter / was longer than 15 feet / had more than 4 elbows / was capped or blocked / terminated with threaded pipe / terminated too close to the surface below
24 Terminates: >6" above floor | <6" or >24" above grade outside | In inaccessible area
25 No expansion tank: With pressure-relief valve With backflow preventer
26 Recalled water heaters (see reference sheets): Bradford White gas 4/02-5/02
27 American Proline, Envirotemp, Mor-Flo, Powerflex, Premier Plus & US Craftmaster gas 6/01-9/01
28 A.O. Smith, State natural gas/propane 11/07-1/08 A.O. Smith gas/propane 30 & 40 gal. 4/91-7/91
29 Delta Combination gas 8/01-1/06
30 Recalled tankless (see reference sheets): Aquastar gas model AQ38B NG 3/97-1/01
31 Paloma, Rheem, Ruud, Richmond gas 5/04-12/06
32 Electric:  
33 No insulated pad on concrete Covers loose or missing Exposed wiring
34 Substandard wiring - exposed splices / loose or damaged conduit / loose or missing bushing
35 Burners:  
36 Condition: Serviceable / Repair, replace, eval / Not determined / ____________
37 Scale - on the burner or pilot assemblies / around the draft hood Scorch marks on casing
38 Flame shield missing - inner / outer Rollout Popping
39 Gas flame - not blue in color / noisy / floating above the burner
40 Flues (see Fireplace/Chimney section):  
41 Condition: Serviceable / Repair, replace, eval / Not determined / ____________
42 Back drafting Draft hood loose Foam insulation near draft hood
43 Combustion Air:  
44 Condition: Serviceable / Repair, replace, eval / ____________
45 Substandard Vent missing, blocked - upper / lower
Description examples

As mentioned above, descriptions quantify or describe items, and help make your reports compliant with various standards of practice. There are fill-in-the-blank descriptions, where you enter text as you wish, and multiple choice descriptions where you select one or more predefined values.

Example 1:

Model #: ____________________

This fill-in-the-blank description is used for the model number in the Water Heater report section. Its value is blank by default. With it, you'd simply type in the model number of the water heater. If you typed in the value "1210A0002243", it would appear like this in your report:

Model number: 1210A0002243

Example 2:

Limitations: ____________________

This fill-in-the-blank description is the first item that appears in the Water Heater report section. Its default value is a short paragraph of text listing the limitations of evaluating a water heater during an inspection. If you didn't change that text, it would appear like this in your report:

Limitations: Evaluation of and determining the adequacy or completeness of the following items are not included in this inspection: water recirculation pumps; solar water heating systems; Energy Smart or energy saver controls; catch pan drains. Any comments made regarding these items are as a courtesy only. Note that the inspector does not provide an estimate of remaining life on water heaters, does not determine if water heaters are appropriately sized, or perform any evaluations that require a pilot light to be lit or a shut-off valve to be operated.

Example 3:

Energy source: Electricity / Natural gas / Propane / Oil / Solar / ? / ____________

This multiple choice description indicates the energy source for a water heater. It has 5 choices. Like many multiple choice descriptions in our templates, the last choice appears as a question mark and results in the text "Not determined" appearing in your report. You can also enter any value you wish in underlined space at then end. If you selected "Electricity", this description would appear like this in your report:

Energy source: Electricity

If you selected the question mark, and then entered "(was in locked closet)" in the underlined space at the end, this description would appear like this in your report:

Energy source: Not determined (was in locked closet)
Concern examples

As mentioned above, concerns explain defects or conditions that require repair, further evaluation, monitoring, etc. There are standard concerns that have a pre-written paragraph of text, and multiple choice concerns that have sets of choices with the paragraph of text.

Example 1:

No drain line for pan

This standard concern indicates a drain line is missing for a water heater's catch pan. It has the "Repair/Maintain" type assigned to it. If you selected this concern, it would appear like this in your report:

Repair/Maintain A catch pan was installed below the water heater, but no drain line was visible. Typically such catch pans hold only a gallon or two of water. If the water heater fails and leaks significantly, nearby flooring and wall materials, or finished spaces below (if any) may be get water-damaged. Normally, a drain line is installed at the catch pan to route any accumulated water outside the structure. Consider having a qualified contractor install a drain line per standard building practices.

Example 2:

Lifespan (8-12 yrs) - near / at / beyond

This multiple choice concern indicates a water heater is either near, at or beyond its service life. "near / at / beyond" is a set of choices within this concern's pre-written text. There can be multiple sets of choices in the text. If you selected the "near" choice, this concern would appear like this in your report:

Comment The estimated useful life for most water heaters is 8-12 years. This water heater appeared to be near this age and/or its useful lifespan and may need replacing at any time. Recommend budgeting for a replacement in the near future, or considering replacement now before any leaks occur. The client should be aware that significant flooding can occur if the water heater fails. If not replaced now, consider having a qualified person install a catch pan and drain or a water alarm to help prevent damage if water does leak.