RH Mobile can run in most browsers on the desktop although offline support is only tested in Chrome and Edge on Windows.

If you're planning to run RH Mobile offline on a desktop operating system (this includes Surface tablets) there are a few things you need to know.

Camera access
Windows does not allow browsers direct access to the camera the way iOS and Android do. You will not be able to take pictures directly into a concern. You will see an icon that will allow you to choose pictures from the file system.
We do not test on Linux so we do not know if you can access the camera directly.
Example screenshots below are from Chrome. Other browsers have similar controls.
Startup Shortcut
For Windows, you can create a shortcut to a webpage (https://www.reporthost.com/mobile/)
See these references.
Different browsers, different instances
If you start RH Mobile with Chrome you'll get a different instance than if you start it with Edge (or Brave, etc)
They will appear and work the same but you will not see the same users and reports.
This can be confusing. To prevent this, always use the same browser from the desktop.