RH Mobile can run in most browsers on Android but needs to be added to your Home screen to work the most effectively.

Here's what you need to do:
Visit https://www.reporthost.com/mobile in the browser of your choice on your device.
We test primarily in Chrome, but also do testing in Edge and Brave.
Firefox does not work offline at this time. Don't use it!
To get RH Mobile installed you must first start it in a regular browser session.
This should be the only time you start RH Mobile in a browser.
Example screenshots below are from Chrome. Other browsers have similar controls.
Don't acknowledge the warning! Don't add your user!
Some browsers treat web apps as different entities when started from the browser and from the Home screen.
Because of this, its better to never acknowledge the warning or add your user at this point so that there's no confusion later.
Tap the menu icon
Typically this is represented by three-dots. Vertical top (Chrome), horizontal, middle-bottom (Edge), or Vertical, bottom-right (Brave)
Choose 'Add to Home screen'
On Edge, this is called 'Add to screen'.
After tapping 'Add to Home screen' there may be an additional 'Add' prompt.
Close the 'ReportHost Mobile' tab
Don't just close your browser or else RH Mobile will automatically be pulled up the next time you launch it. Instead, choose the tab icon and X out of the RH Mobile tab or explicitly navigate to another page.
Start RH Mobile from the Home screen
Wherever it was placed on your Home screen, or wherever you move it to, you'll launch RH Mobile with this icon.
NOTE: Different versions of Android or brands of phone may show a differently shaped icon (e.g. squarer, rounder, larger...) but the essential RH Mobile text on white background will show.
NOTE: Depending on the browser you use the icon-within-an-icon (Chrome above) will change.
Add your ReportHost user and enjoy!