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Are you tired of faxed, hard to read inspection reports with hand written notes? Tell your inspectors about ReportHost and start enjoying this:
  • View and print reports from any Internet-capable computer.
  • Digital pictures are easily included in reports.
  • Report items are sequentially numbered for easy referencing.
  • "Summary" pages automatically generated.
  • Reports are in standard web page, HTML format, and in PDF format.
  • Reports typically available within 24 hours of the inspection.
  • Links to helpful information on other websites are easily included in reports.
  • Report items are conveniently sorted in "Safety", "Maintenance or repair" and "Incidental" categories.

Click here to see sample reports.

ReportHost is a report writing service available to all home inspectors.  Use this form to send an email about ReportHost to your home inspectors.

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