About our Company

ReportHost LLC was founded in 2003 by Jim Gallant and Scott Huston, home inspection and information technology professionals from the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to provide a "web-based" report writing and publishing service where inspectors write and publish reports through our website rather than using software installed on inspectors' computers. Many industries are migrating to this "application service provider" approach. Purchasing and distribution of software is eliminated along with the need to pay for and install upgrades. Reports are archived and safely backed up on our servers, providing a peace of mind for inspectors that traditional, client-based software can't.

Being web-based allows us to be especially responsive to feedback from inspectors who use our system. We update our service with significant new features frequently based largely on that feedback. If you've signed up for our service, look forward to exciting improvements in the near future. If you haven't, we invite you to join us! Heck, it's free to try and if you don't like the service you don't even have to uninstall any software. :-)

Have any questions about our service? Contact us. We pride ourselves in being very responsive to questions from our inspectors regarding our service. We read every single email and absolutely will reply, often within minutes.

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