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Sample Home and Property Inspection Reports

Inspectors use ReportHost's features in different ways to fit their business needs and personal styles - with flexibility to customize content, present your logo and company information in your own way, tailor (or chose not to include any) header and footer information at the beginning and end of the report, size and label photos in a variety of ways, duplicate or delete or move sections and items, and more...

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Sample residential report
General Home with Structural Pest Inspection: This inspector makes full use of the header at the top of the report (the language between "View summary" and "How to read this report"), and the footer at the end (where he includes his follow-up inspection policy and Scope and Limitations).  He draws widely from ReportHost's pre-written Limitations and Concerns.  He uses ReportHost's "Limitations" language for each section of the report.

Sample residential report
Residential home: This inspector customizes his comments to provide his client with lots of additional information.

Sample residential report
Residential home: This inspector includes his Agreement as the footer at the end of this report.

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