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Ted is a highly skilled and accomplished Home Services Professional. As a local Contractor for nearly 10 years, Ted has had the pleasure of making his customers' visions a reality. From concept to completion, Ted's experience and attention to detail provide his residential and commercial customers with the satisfaction that comes from knowing their project will be executed correctly.

It's his Contracting experience and attention to detail that makes him perfectly fitted to be Your Home Inspector - bringing this experience to Home Inspections allows Ted to provide a unique perspective to his clients. Not only can he identify the deficiencies, but he has the working knowledge to know how to correct the problem, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

By combining the best elements from numerous home inspections and different Inspectors, Ted has produced the most comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist currently available, and it continues to evolve! Ted understands that no two homes are the same - different features, building materials, environments, conditions & stresses. This is why no two Inspections are the same - Ted does his Inspections through the eyes of his Customers' family!

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