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Services Offered

At Cornerstone we are specially trained and nationally certified property inspectors.
We are in full compliance with California Home Inspection Laws.

Residential Inspections

-Home buyers inspection

Buyers inspections are the most common type of inspection in the United States. The persons purchasing the property hire an inspector to help identify major defects and other problems so they can make an informed decision about the building's condition and the expense of related repairs.

-Home sellers inspection

A homeowner who is selling their house hires an inspector to identify problems with their house. The seller can elect to share the report with any potential buyers or to make any necessary repairs so the house is known to be in good condition encouraging a quick sale. One home inspectors' organization offers a program which helps market a house as "Move-In Certified", that is, the house is in a condition where the new owners can promptly move in without making substantial repairs.

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Our Inspections include the evaluation of all major components in a building, which establishes the components’ current condition, remaining design life, and any immediate and future repairs that are necessary. This type of inspection includes the evaluation of the following components:

Structure – concrete, steel and wood components

Roof system -- surface material, condition, age and remaining useful life

Building envelope – roof and sidewalls including windows and doors

Interior finishes – floors, walls and ceilings

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Electrical system and components

Plumbing system and fixtures

Fire suppression and life safety systems


Hardscape - walks, roadways, drives, parking areas

Storm water drainage

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