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AHI Home Consultants & Affordable Home Inspections
Scott Henderson~Founder
Montville New Jersey 07045
AHI Home Consultants is the Premier Home Inspection Company in New Jersey.
With over 25 years in the Electrical and Building Industry, AHI Consultants can and will provide you the BEST Inspection and explain everything you need to know about your current home purchase. Let's face it, the most prevalent, and the costliest problems you'll encounter as a home owner will be either Electrical, Structural, or Plumbing and with over 25 years in Electrical and Building, AHI Consultants has the knowledge, and the know how to find any hidden problems, and or dangerous conditions BEFORE it's too late. We provide a comprehensive and user friendly report to explain all the systems your prospective home includes, and detailed knowledge on how and when to maintain those systems so you can enjoy your new home without the anxiety of costly breakdowns, and expensive repairs. Call now to schedule your inspection and make your home purchase the RIGHT one.

NJ License Number 24GI00139200

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