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Property Inspection Report
Client(s): John and Jane Doe
Property address: Your Street
Your Town, NY
Inspection date: Monday, February 4th 2008
This report published on 4/15/2008 11:59:03 AM EDT

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How to Read this Report
This report is organized by the property's functional areas.  Within each functional area, descriptive information is listed first and is shown in bold type.  Items of concern follow descriptive information. Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
SafetyPoses a risk of injury or death 
Repair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing 
Repair/MaintainRecommend repair and/or maintenance 
EvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist 
MonitorRecommend monitoring in the future 
ServiceableItem or component is in servicable condition 
CommentFor your information 

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Table of Contents
General information
Roof and Ventilation
Walls Windows and Doors
Exterior and Landscaping
Attached garage
Main Bathroom
Upstairs Bathroom
General Interior
Electric service
General information Return to table of contents
Overview: A quiet residential neighborhood
Report number: 070204
Inspector's name: Mark Tashjian
NYS License #: 16000033049
Present during inspection: Owner
Occupied: Yes
Age of building: 80 years
Type of building: Single family
Weather conditions: Cloudy
Temperature: Cold
Ground condition: Damp
Foundation type: Basement
The following items are excluded from this inspection: Private sewage disposal system, Swimming pool, Hot tub, Shed
Roof and Ventilation Return to table of contents
Roof inspection method: From Ground
Roof type: Cross gable
Roof covering: Asphalt or fiberglass composition shingles
Layers noted: Single Layer
Estimated age of Roof: Middle of its useful life
Roof Penetrations: Chimney, Vent Pipes
Gutter material: Aluminum
Downspout material: Aluminum
Chimney appears to be built: within the interior of house
Spark arrester/rain cap: noted
Chimney made of: Brick
Flue Liner:
Visible Roof Ventilation: Soffet Vents

1) Chimney missing some mortar between bricks. Although this is not a structural issue it should be monitored and eventually repaired by a qualified mason.

Photo 11  

Photo 12  

2) Trees are overhanging roof and are within 10 feet of roof vertically. Recommend pruning trees so they're at least 10 feet above roof, or don't overhang the roof.

Photo 9  

3)   General picture of roof.

Photo 14  
Walls Windows and Doors Return to table of contents
Apparent wall structure: Wood frame
Wall Covering Material: Vinyl, Aluminum
General Condition of Covering: Good
Trim: Aluminum, Wood
Trim Condition: Good
Exterior Doors: Metal
Doors: Operated well
Windows: Screens
Main Entry Porch: Block
Steps down: Three or more
Roof: No
Primary service type: Overhead
Overhead wires threatened: Yes
Service size: 200 Amp Aluminum
Meter amperage (amps): 200
Drip loop present: yes
Service voltage (volts): 120-240
Meter caulking intact and sealed: above, below
4) Soil is in contact with or less than 6" from siding and/or trim. Recommend grading soil so there's at least 6" of space between the siding and trim and the soil below.

Photo 10  

5) Wood trim shows signs of deterioration, requires repair and repainting.

Photo 8  
Exterior and Landscaping Return to table of contents
Exterior of foundation walls: concrete
Exterior foundation, observed: deteriorated surfaces
Grading within 6 feet of house: About level
Grading beyond 6 feet of house: Slopes away from house house on hill. rear slopes toward house
Driveway material: Asphalt
Driveway condition: small cracks, large cracks
Deck Location: Rear of house
Deck material: wood
Steps down to grade: There are three or more steps to grade
Visibility under deck: Less than a foot and clear
Support column under deck: wood
Condition of the support columns: Good, no rotting or stress
Condition of the guardrail: Good
6) Recommend patching asphalt driveway where necessary and resealing.

Photo 2  

7) Some deterioration of surface. This is not a structural concern and can be cleaned and resurfaced inexpensively.

Photo 7  

8)   General pictures of exterior

Photo 3  

Photo 4  

Photo 5  

Photo 6  

Photo 13  

Photo 15  

Photo 17  
Attached garage Return to table of contents
# of Bays: One
Visibility limited by: stored items
Floor: Concrete
Floor Condition: Small cracks
Walls: Mansonry
Walls: Framing exposed to view
Doors operated: easily
Rollers making clicking sound: No
Is the overhead door balanced: Yes
Springs: Good Condition
Windows: None noted
Overhead: Closed in ceiling
9)   Pictures of garage

Photo 16  

Photo 41  

Photo 42  

10)   crack in floor not structural

Photo 43  
Attic Return to table of contents
Attic access: Scuttle hole
How observed: Limited viewing, looked thru opening only
Roof system: rafters
Inches apart: 16
Roof decking: wood plank
Moisture penetration: none noted
Attic floor framing: wood
Attic floor system: some flooring
Attic Ventilation: Soffit Vents, Gable Vents
Soffit vents: yes, and working
Insulation material: Fiberglass roll or batt
Insulation location: floor
11)   General pictures of attic

Photo 32  

Photo 33  

Photo 34  
Main Bathroom Return to table of contents
Main Bathroom: Full
Location: Downstairs
Shower: with tub
Tub: Built in
Surround: Ceramic tile
Surround Condition: Good
Number of sinks?: One
Sink Type: Pedestal
Toilet: flushed
Toilet Condition: Good
Floor: Vinyl
Floor Condition: Good
Leaks: none noted
Caulking appears: Intact
Ventilation: Window
Outlets: Zero
12)   Main bathroom

Photo 20  
Upstairs Bathroom Return to table of contents
Bathroom: Full
Shower: Stall
Surround: Plastic
Surround condition: Good
Sinks #: Two
Toilet: flushed
Toilet Condition: Good
Floor: Ceramic Tile
Floor Condition: Good
Leaks: none noted
Caulking appears: Intact
Ventilation: Window
Number of outlets: One
Ground Fault Interupter outlets: Yes
13) Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaker(s) in the main service panel wouldn't trip when tested. Recommend having a qualified, licensed electrician evaluate and repair or replace as necessary.
14)   Upstairs bathroom

Photo 26  

Photo 27  
General Interior Return to table of contents
Ceilings appear to be made of: Drywall
Ceiling Style: Flat
Ceiling Condition: Good
Major Defects: None Noted
Mostly walls appear to be made of:: Drywall
Condition: Good
Major defects were noted: No
Floor coverings are mostly: Hardwood
When bounced on: a normal amount of bounce was noted
Generally floors feel: Level
Mostly the doors are the following types: Wood
General door condition: Doors are generally in good condition
Windows were mostly observed to be: Double hung
Insulated noted in: All
Appear made of: Vinyl
Random Tested: Yes
15) Recommend installing a wall mounted handrail

Photo 24  

16)   Pictures of interior

Photo 18  

Photo 19  

Photo 20  

Photo 21  

Photo 25  

Photo 26  

Photo 27  

Photo 28  

Photo 29  

Photo 30  

Photo 31  
Fireplace Return to table of contents
Fireplace: Metal prefabricated
Damper: Opened and closed
Depth of Hearth Extension: 24"
Depth of Fireplace Hearth: 18"
17) All solid fuel burning appliances (woodstoves and fireplaces) should be inspected annually by a qualified chimney service contractor, cleaned and repaired as necessary.
18)   Fireplace

Photo 44  
Kitchen Return to table of contents
Cabinets: Wooden
Opened and closed and found: seemed to function
Cabinets secure: yes
Counter Tops: Plastic Laminate
Securely fastened: yes
Kitchen Floor: Vinyl tile
Kitchen Sink: Stainless Steel
Ran water and found: No leaks
Refrigerator: Kenmore
Refrigerator in use during inspection: yes
Age: Middle
Range:: GE
Range type: Free standing
Age: Midlife
Operated and found: All burners working
Oven: Part of stove
Operated oven and found: gave off heat
Anti-Tipping bracket installed: Yes
Number of Regular outlets in kitchen: Two
19) No ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) devices (outlets or circuit breakers) are visible for the kitchen. GFCI devices help prevent electric shocks in areas that may have water present. Recommend having a qualified, licensed electrician install GFCI protection for outlets, over counter tops and around sinks.
20)   Pictures of kitchen

Photo 22  

Photo 23  
Heating Return to table of contents
Heating System Brand Name: EFM
Apparent age of unit: Older Regularly serviced
Heating system type: Forced hot water
System has # of Zones: One
Fuel Source: Oil
Oil tank location: Basement
Oil Tank approximate age: Middle of expected effective life
Combustion Air Supply: Interior
When thermostats were turned on, the system: fired or gave heat
Automatic shut-off safety devices were noted: above the unit
Boiler safety relief valve: noted
safety extension: noted
Distribution system: Radiators
Heat distribution: In most rooms
21) Examination of heating and cooling systems is mechanically limited since the units are not dismantled to examine interior components. The heating and cooling systems should be inspected and serviced on an annual basis. Before close of escrow, recommend obtaining from seller any documents concerning regular maintenance and service and/or a safety check by public utility, or a complete system evaluation by a qualified heating and cooling specialist, particularly if heating and cooling cannot be proven to have been inspected within the past twelve months. Utility companies typically, but not always, provide a free safety check of all gas-using appliances
22)   Heat and hot water system

Photo 35  

Photo 36  
Electric service Return to table of contents
Location of Main Panel: Basement
Location of main disconnect: Breaker at top of main panel
Primary service overload protection type: Circuit breakers
Service conductor material: Aluminum
Main disconnect rating (amps): 200
Branch circuit wiring type: Non-metallic sheathed ("Romex"), Armored cable ("bx")
Room for additional circuit breakers: Yes
Missing Circuit Breaker Covers: No
Grounding observed to:: Water main on street side
Grounding connection feels: secure
23)   Electrical panel

Photo 39  

Photo 40  
Plumbing Return to table of contents
Water service: Private
Main entry pipe material: Plastic
Location of main water shutoff: Basement
Type of Well: Drilled - From 200 to 1000 Ft.
Well Components Visible: Pump Control Box, Disconnect Switch
Interior supply pipes: Copper
Functional Flow: Tested
With multiple fixtures running observed: Minimal decrease in flow
Waste System Pipes: Plastic, Cast Iron
House Trap: Noted
Main waste line cleanouts: noted
Vent pipe observed on roof: Yes
Vent pipe connection to plumbing observed: yes
Basement Return to table of contents
Basement: Full
Viewed by: walked throughout
Foundation walls: exposed to view
Ceiling framing: Exposed to view
Interior of foundation wall: concrete
Observed on interior wall: small cracks not structural
Basement floor: concrete
Water stains observed on: walls
Ventilation: Windows
Pier or support post material: Steel
Support columns condition: appear intact
Floor structure above: Solid wood joists
Beam material: Solid wood
Windows: Wood
Chimney in basement: brick
Chimney condition: Good
24) Moisture penetration most likely seasonal. Recommend installing a window well to properly divert water away from window.

Photo 38  

25)   Water stain in basement. This stain appears to be old and inactive and does not pose a problem.

Photo 37  

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