NorthWest Inspections

Phone: (907) 244-7985
7888 W Limelight St 
Boise ID 83714-6166

NWI performs home and commercial building inspections. Certified through INTERNACHI we can inspect the entire property. Retention walls, yard drainage, roofs, Decks, siding, electric, plumbing even Inferred thermal imaging. Find us on Google,Twitter, Yelp and Facebook to learn more and for deals and reviews.
International Association of Certified Home Inspectors State of Idaho Move In Certified
Our SIMPLE PRICING will help ease the hiring process. We don't charge based neighborhood or property value, we charged on square foot and age of building.
$300 For home less that 1700SQFT
$350 For homes 1701 to 3000SQFT
$400 For homes 3001 to 4000SQFT
$450 For homes over 4000SQFT
*$50 will be added to homes build before 1970.
$200 For "four Point Insp" any size.
$400 For construction "In-Progress Inspections". Includes 4 inspections at different stages of construction.
Commercial inspections Vary. Please call for quote.
Free re-inspections. I will return and inspect a repaired area to insure is was done correctly at no cost.
Money Back Guarantee. If I miss something major on my inspection I will refund your inspection cost.

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