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Client(s): Bill and Tina Green
Property address: 1234 E Driver St.
Phoenix, AZ 85000
Inspection date: Saturday, January 07, 2006
This report published on 5/11/2007 2:09:59 PM MST

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How to Read this Report
This report is organized by the property's functional areas.  Within each functional area, descriptive information is listed first and is shown in bold type.  Items of concern follow descriptive information. Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
SafetyPoses a risk of injury or death 
Repair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing 
Repair/MaintainRecommend repair and/or maintenance 
EvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist 

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Table of Contents
General information
Electric service
Water heater
Heating and air conditioning
Family room
Interior rooms

General information 
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Date of Inspection: January 7, 2005
Present during inspection: Owner
Occupied: Yes
Age of building: 1 week
Type of building: Single family
Weather conditions: Clear
Temp: 70-75 degrees
Ground condition: Dry
Main entrance faces: South
Foundation type: Slab on grade
Condition: Acceptable
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Main Roof covering: Concrete Tile
Number of layers: 1
Estimated age of main roof: Under 6 months
Estimated life expectancy: 40-50 years
Roof inspection method: Walked
Condition: Defective. See comments
Other roof covering: Built-up
Other roof age: under 6 months
Estimated Life Expectancy: 10-15 years
Roof inspection method: Walked
Condition: Acceptable
Penetrations: Plumbing vents, Flue pipe(s), Exhaust & dryer vents
Condition: Defective. See comments
Visible evidence of leaks?: None observed
Eaves/soffits/fascia: Acceptable
Gutters: None
Roof ventilation: Stationary
1) Safety, Repair/Replace, Evaluate - The half of turret and both quarter turrets field tile have just been placed on the roof and are not secured in any way to prevent them from being lifted. For safety the field tiles should be redone so that the tiles are secured so that they do not slide out of place or off the roof to the front walkway.

Photo 25  

Photo 28  

Photo 29  

2) Safety, Repair/Replace - The field tiles were cut short on the East side of the house next to the hip of the roof at the setback between the garage doors. The field tiles need to be redone so that the underlayment is not exposed, which will deteriorate over time if not corrected. The tiles are not secured to the roof and need to be so that they do not slid of the roof.

Photo 33  

Photo 34  

Photo 35  
Photo of set back where tiles are cut short and not secured.

3) Repair/Replace, Evaluate - The valley metal coming down from the East and West sides of the front dormer were cut too short, so it discharges water under the tiles where it then has access to the felt paper and the wood battens which will necessarily be damaged over time if it is not corrected. A licensed roofer familiar with the proper installation of concrete tile roofs should evaluate the roof and make these, as well as any other needed corrections.

Photo 27  

Photo 31  
Photo of the metal flashing done the proper way.

Photo 32  

4) Repair/Replace - There are several extra roof tiles that were left on the patio roof. The tiles need to be removed.

Photo 24  

5) Repair/Replace - There is one field tile on the East slope of the middle minor roof that is cracked and needs to be replaced with one of the tiles left on the patio roof.

Photo 30  

6) Repair/Replace - There are no kick-outs on both sides of the front dormer. The kick-outs need to be installed to prevent water from draining against the house.

Photo 20  

Photo 21  

Photo 22  

Photo 23  

7) Repair/Replace - The hip tiles need to be secured down to prevent them from lifting up.

Photo 26  
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Foundation material: Poured in place concrete
Condition: Acceptable
Flooring: Concrete
Condition: Acceptable
Apparent wall structure: Wood Frame
Condition: Acceptable
Wall covering: Stucco
Condition: Marginal. See comments.
Windows: Metal, Dual Pane
Condition: Defective. See comments
Wall Flashing and/or trim: Defective
Patio: Acceptable
Driveway material: Concrete
Condition: Acceptable
Sidewalk material: Concrete
Condition: Acceptable
Exterior door material: Wood
Condition: Marginal. See comments.
Site drainage: Acceptable
8) Repair/Replace - The fence appears to be mortared to the house. Fences should never be mortared to the house due to the fact the house and fence will settle at different.

Photo 18  
Electric service 
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Primary service type: Underground
Condition: Acceptable
Primary service overload protection type: Circuit breakers
Condition: Acceptable
Service amperage (amps): 200
Service voltage (volts): 120-240
Location of main service panel: East outside wall
Condition: Acceptable
Service conductor material: Aluminum
Condition: Acceptable
Service ground: Acceptable
Solid strand aluminum branch circuit wiring present: No
GFI protection present: Exterior, Garage, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Acceptable
Arc fault protection: Acceptable
Smoke detectors present: Yes
9) Safety, Repair/Replace - All of the outlets in the office and two oulets on the North wall in the East bedroom are not working. Also the East bedroom is missing an outlet on the East wall. There is hole cut in the wall that has a cover plate over it with no outlet box behind it. It is required that there is an outlet every 12 feet.
We recommend that a licensed electrician evaluate the entire system and make these as well as any other needed corrections.

10) Safety, Repair/Replace - The outlet left of the window in the West guest bedroom is loose in box and needs to be secured for safety.
11) Safety, Repair/Replace - The outlet next to the laundry tub is not on a GFI circuit.. For safety, the outlet needs to be changed to an GFI outlet.

Photo 12  

12) Safety, Repair/Replace - The outlet under the kitchen sink is missing a cover. For safety the cover needs to be replaced.

Photo 3  

13) Safety, Repair/Replace - The outlet box in the closet of the front dining room is missing outlet and cover. For safety the outlet and cover need to be installed.

Photo 40  

14) Repair/Replace - There are three light swithes that were placed behind a door. The light swithes need to be moved so that they are not behind the doors. The light switches of concern are located in the office, the West guest bedroom closet door and the storage room in the garage.

Photo 11  

15) Repair/Replace - Both 3-way switches for the hallway light are miswired, so the light only turns on when the switches are in certain positions related to each other.
16) Repair/Replace - There is romex wiring with plug attached to it on the ledge in the front foyer. For safety the outlet need to be a permanent one not an extension cord.

Photo 41  
Water heater 
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Age: 2 months
TP valve and extension pipe: Acceptable
Estimated average life: 12 Years
Energy source: Natural gas
Flues/vents if gas: Defective. See comments.
Capacity (in gallons): 50
Brand/size: Rheem
Condition: Acceptable
17) Safety, Repair/Replace - The water heater flue pipe is loose and needs to be secured with screws to ensure that it does not slide out of place.

Photo 14  

Photo 15  
Heating and air conditioning 
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Heating system energy source: Natural gas
Heat system type: Gas Forced air
Condition: Acceptable
Age of heating system: under 6 months
Estimated heat system life: 25-35 years
Flues/vents if gas: Acceptable
Air conditioning type: Split system/AC
Age of AC Unit: under 6 months
Estimated AC life: 25-35 years
Condition: Acceptable
Distribution system: Flexible ducts
Condition: Acceptable
Brand/size: Lennox / 3.5 & 4 tons
supply ducts: All of the walk-in rooms had at least one HVAC supply duct unless otherwise stated in the report.
Filter location: Ceiling
Thermostat: Acceptable
18) Repair/Maintain - There are gaps around the AC refrigerant lines where they go into the wall. The gaps need to be filled to prevent anything from getting into the wall and/or attic.

Photo 19  
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Garage/Carport: Attached, 3 car
Number of openers: 2
Door auto reversing: Yes, Sensors too high
Firewall/fire door: Firedoor in place., Firedoor is self-closing, Breach of firewall. See comments.
19) Safety, Repair/Replace - The child safety sensors on the garage door are installed too high off the floor to be effective. They should be no higher than 6" above the floor.
20) Safety, Repair/Replace - There are two breaches in the fire wall in the garage. the areas of concern are around the garage door openers and around the doorbell transmitter. The gaps need to be patched and painted.

Photo 17  

21) Repair/Replace - The West wall in the garage has two areas that are bowed out. The bowed area need to be corrected.

Photo 16  
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Inspection method: Partially traversed
Roof structure type: Trusses
Insulation material: None
22) Safety, Repair/Replace - There is romex wiring in direct contact with the gas line in the attic. For safety a piece of wood or foam needs to be inserted between the wiring and the gas line.

Photo 39  

23) Repair/Replace - No insulation installed in attic. Recommend installing a minimum of R30 insulation for better energy efficiency.

Photo 37  

Photo 38  

24) Repair/Replace - The dryer exhaust vent has slipped out of place and needs to be secured back in place to ensure that vents out of the attic to prevent any moisture or lent from being terminated into the attic, which is not an approved material in the attic.

Photo 13  

Photo 36  
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Location of main water shut-off valve: Front of house
Location of main water meter: Front of house next to the street
Location of main fuel shut-off: West outside wall
Water service: Public
Waste service: Sewer
Service pipe material: Not visible
Condition: Acceptable
Supply pipe material: Copper
Condition: Acceptable
Functional flow/exterior faucets: Adequate
Leaks seen?: None observed
Cross connections: None observed.
Functional drainage: Yes
Vent pipe material: Plastic
Condition: Acceptable
Drain pipe material: Plastic
Condition: Acceptable
Waste pipe material: Plastic
Condition: Acceptable
Pipe supports/Insulation: Acceptable
Laundry Location: In house
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Kitchen appliances: Range, Dishwasher, Disposal, Microwave, Exhaust Fan
Conditions: Outlets GFI protected, Dishwasher hose without sanity loop
doors: defective. see comments
windows: acceptable
Countertops/cabinets: Acceptable
walls/ceilings/floors: acceptable
25) Safety, Repair/Maintain - The dishwasher waste hose needs to have a "loop" in it and be clamped above the level where it connects to the disposal. This will prevent the possibility of sucking contaminated wastewater into the washer from the disposal.

Photo 2  

26) Repair/Replace - The baseboard next to the pantry door is not flush with the wall and sticks out. The baseboard needs to be redone so that it is flush with the wall.

Photo 4  

27) Repair/Replace - 1)The jamb strike plate needs to be adjusted so the pantry door will latch.
2)There is no door stopper for the pantry door. A stopper needs to be installed to prevent the door from damaging the countertops.

28) Repair/Replace - There is no caulk between the kitchen sink and the countertop. The gap needs to be filled with caulk to prevent water from draining under the sink,
Family room 
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walls/ceilings/floors: acceptable
doors: defective. see comments
windows: acceptable
29) Repair/Replace - The rear sliding door does not open and close properly and needs to be adjusted.
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Conditions: No Leaks, Draining OK, Toilet loose on floor, Has exhaust fan, Outlets GFI protected
walls/ceilings/floors: acceptable
Countertops/cabinets: Acceptable
doors: defective. see comments
windows: acceptable
30) Repair/Replace - The jamb strike plates need to be adjusted so the Southwest bathroom doors will latch.
31) Repair/Replace - ALL of the toilets are loose on the floor. Their anchor bolts need to be carefully tightened to avoid cracking the pedestal.
32) Repair/Replace - 1)The Northwest bathroom spigot is not flush with the wall. The spigot needs to be adjusted so that it is flush with the wall to prevent any water from getting behind the tub enclosure.
2) The lock to the exterior door stick and needs to be adjust so the lock turns smoothly

Photo 5  

33) Repair/Replace - 1)The Southwest bathroom faucet is loose and needs to be re-secured.
2)There is no hot water going to the shower in the Southwest bathroom. The mixer valve or the anti scolding need to be adjusted.
3) The bathtub has scratches in it. The scratches need to be repaired.
4) There are gaps in the drywall around the window above the shower. The gaps need to be patched and painted.

Photo 10  

34) Repair/Replace - The Southeast batroom faucets are loose and need to be re-secured.
35) Repair/Maintain - The master bathtub is missing a section of caulk on the right side of the tub.
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walls/ceilings/floors: acceptable
doors: acceptable
windows: defective. see comments
36) Safety, Repair/Replace - The East bedroom window does not open and a few of the other windows need to be adjusted to allow them to open and close freely. This is also a safety concern because all bedrooms have to have egress to the street.
37) Repair/Replace - The trim for the West bedroom door next to the strike plate is cracked and needs to be replaced.

Photo 6  
Interior rooms 
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walls/ceilings/floors: acceptable
38) Repair/Replace - The windows in the front dining room has gaps around them and the drywall is cracking. Recommend making necessary repairs.

Photo 7  

Photo 8  

Photo 9  

39) Repair/Replace - 1)The front door stoppers are placed in a manner that does not stop the door completely and will damage the doors over time.
2) the weather stripping needs to be added to the front door.


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