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Montgomery Inspection LLC

Inspector's email:
Phone: (334) 531-9664
7218 Timbermill Dr 
Montgomery AL 36117-5190
Inspector: Paul Probst



Client(s):  Mr and Mrs Smith
Property address:  100 Main Street
Montgomery AL
Inspection date:  Thursday, May 11, 2017

This report published on Monday, May 29, 2017 6:01:20 PM CDT

The following is a summary of the major findings (not all findings) that the inspector wants the client to pay particular attention to. It is strongly recommended that prior to closing you become completely satisfied with the resolution of these items. Either they are replaced/ repaired, price adjusted, or you are willing to accept them "as is" or some other resolution. It is important to understand that the findings are an indication of an issue, and not a complete analysis of the issue. As an example, peeling paint should not just be painted without a qualified person looking for the reason that the paint peeled.

This is a summary report, and is provided to help put focus on concerns, client should make all decision based on the full and complete report.

Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
Concern typeSafetyPoses a safety hazard
Concern typeMajor DefectCorrection likely involves a significant expense
Concern typeRepair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing
Concern typeRepair/MaintainRecommend repair and/or maintenance
Concern typeMinor DefectCorrection likely involves only a minor expense
Concern typeMaintainRecommend ongoing maintenance
Concern typeEvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist
Concern typeMonitorRecommend monitoring in the future
Concern typeServiceableItem or component is in servicable condition
Concern typeCommentFor your information

Garage or Carport
4 - Auto Door closer, on single garage door) needs to be reviewed by a qualified Technician. Unit failed excess closing force test.

5 - Pool sub panel appears to be in good condition. Unit at one time had other heavy gauge wires going to it, purpose unknown.
Sub panel appears to be missing a neutral wire for one of the two circuits -- panel should be reviewed by a licensed electrician.
Photo 5-1

6 - Repair or replace
Photo 6-1
Broken Light fixtures
Plumbing / Fuel Systems
8 - The inspector could not determine the location of the owner's main water shut-off valve. Recommend consulting with the property owner to determine its location.
Note: In the Montgomery area, this is a VERY common concern and is usually covered by landscaping..
Heating, and Air Condition (HVAC) DOWNSTAIRS
12 - Open joints in air return ducting
Photo 12-1

13 - There is no evidence of any formal maintenance by a qualified technician (current standards of practice recommends at least every two years). Unit tested and appears to be in working condition, but buyer may wish to have unit reviewed by a HVAC technician for additional assurance that unit will continue to perform.
Both heating and cooling temperature differentials (return and discharged air) were within current accepted norms.
Heating, and Air Condition (HVAC) UPSTAIRS
17 - HVAC unit does not meet the minimum standards of performance and an evaluation by a qualified technician is STRONGLY recommended

18 - Furnace does not turn on. Unit needs to be evaluated by qualified technician.

19 - Upstairs unit does not appear to be running to full capacity --Unit should be reviewed by a qualified technician
Photo 19-1
Fireplaces, Stoves, Chimneys and Flues
22 - Vent free gas fireplace should be inspected by a qualified technician before first use
Photo 22-1

23 - Cabinet bottom under sink shows signs of past water leakage and damage. No leakage observed during test.
Photo 23-1

24 - Cabinet above oven will not stay closed
Photo 24-1

25 - Right front burner does not produce a steady Flame, range needs to be evaluated and corrected
Photo 25-1

26 - Lower oven seems to run at higher than set temperature
Photo 26-1
Photo 26-2
Bathrooms, Laundry and Sinks
28 - Toilet in west 2nd floor bathroom loose. Toilet needs to be reinstalled by licensed plumber.
Photo 28-1

29 - Threshold at second floor west bathroom loose
Photo 29-1

30 - Bathroom vent duct disconnected in lower attic. Needs to be reattached and secured
Interior, Doors and Windows
32 - One or more exterior doors had double-cylinder deadbolts installed, where a key is required to open them from both sides. This can be a safety hazard in the event of an emergency because egress can be obstructed or delayed. Recommend replacing double-cylinder deadbolts with single-cylinder deadbolts where a handle is installed on the interior side.
Photo 32-1

33 - Door on Jack and Jill bathroom (second floor) missing.
Door may be in lower attic
Photo 33-1

34 - Wooden front door needs to be refinished
Photo 34-1

35 - Inspector unable to turn fan in front study on
Photo 35-1

36 - Multiple windows have window locks that are broken
Photo 36-1