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Mid South Property Inspections, LLC

Inspector's email:
Phone: (662) 592-2169
Vincent Building  
223 Sharkey Ave. 
Clarksdale MS 38614
Inspector: Charles Vincent
License # MHIB0574



Client(s):  Mr. & Ms. John Doe
Property address:  1 Main St.
Tupelo, MS
Inspection date:  Thursday, May 28, 2015

This report published on Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:24:32 PM CDT

This report is the property of the Client listed in the report title & Mid South Property Inspections, LLC. Unauthorized use of this report is strictly prohibited.
How to Read this Report
This report is organized by the property's functional areas.  Within each functional area, descriptive information is listed first and is shown in bold type.  Items of concern follow descriptive information. Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
SafetyPoses a risk of injury or death
Repair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing
RecommendationSuggestions that include "Who, What, Where, When, & How" to make the correction
Minor DefectCorrection likely involves only a minor expense
SatisfactoryItem or component is in serviceable condition
CommentFor your information

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Table of Contents
General Information
Exterior and Foundation
Attic and Roof Structure
Plumbing / Fuel Systems
Water Heater
Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC)
Interior, Doors and Windows

General Information
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Report number: 08042014-1
Time started: 10:00 a
Time finished: 2:30p
Present during inspection: Property owner
Weather conditions during inspection: Dry (no rain), Sunny
Temperature during inspection: Hot
Type of building: Single family
Age of main building: 15 years - built in 1999
Source for main building age: Property owner
Front of building faces: South
Main entrance faces: South
Occupied: Yes

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Limitations: Unless specifically included in the inspection, the following items and any related equipment, controls, electric systems and/or plumbing systems are excluded from this inspection: detached buildings or structures; fences and gates; retaining walls; underground drainage systems, catch basins or concealed sump pumps; swimming pools and related safety equipment, spas, hot tubs or saunas; whether deck, trees, landscaping, properties of soil, soil stability, erosion and erosion control; ponds, water features, irrigation or yard sprinkler systems; areas below the exterior structures with less than 3 feet of vertical clearance; invisible fencing; sea walls, docks and boathouses; retractable awnings. Any comments made regarding these items are as a courtesy only.

Site profile: Minor slope
Condition of driveway: Appeared serviceable
Driveway material: Poured in place concrete, Gravel
Condition of sidewalks and/or patios: Appeared serviceable
1) Satisfactory, Comment - The gravel driveway slopes downward, leading into a sectioned, concrete slab driveway, then into the carport.
Some very minor settling cracks are present on the concrete section, but are minimal. Any repair work would be for cosmetic purposes only
Photo 1-1
Photo 1-2

2) Satisfactory - The front entrance area and back porch flooring are in good condition. No trip hazards or minor deterioration (e.g. cracks, holes, settlement, heaving) were present.
Photo 2-1
Photo 2-2

Exterior and Foundation
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Condition of wall exterior covering: Appeared serviceable
Apparent wall structure: Wood frame
Wall covering: Wood, Brick veneer
Condition of foundation and footings: Appeared serviceable
Apparent foundation type: Concrete slab on grade, Concrete garage slab
Foundation/stem wall material: Poured in place concrete, Concrete block
Footing material (under foundation stem wall): Poured in place concrete, Masonry
3) Repair/Replace, Recommendation, Minor Defect, Satisfactory - The exterior wall coverings (brick veneer & cypress board) are in good condition.

Recommend applying caulk (where brick veneer and wood intersect) along the west side (garage side) of the home. See photos and comments.

Photo 3-1
Recommend to apply new caulking along this small section of exterior wall. See close-ups in following two photos.
Photo 3-2
Photo 3-3
The existing caulk is brittle and has some gaps in it. Recommend applying a new caulk line along this wall - to keep as much moisture out as possible.

4) Recommendation - Tree limbs and shrubs were in contact with the building's exterior, including the shingles on the roof. Recommend trimming tree limbs away from the roof, by at least one foot.
Photo 4-1
Two views of the same corner of the home where tree limbs need to be cut back and away from the shingles.
Photo 4-2

5) Recommendation - A small area of rotted wood was found on the trim at one corner of the home. Recommend making repairs as necessary. All rotten wood should be replaced.
Photo 5-1
See close-up of this area in the next photo.
Photo 5-2

6) Satisfactory, Comment - No major cracks (3/4 inch or more) were found in the foundation.
Some minor "settling" cracks (1/8 to 1/4 inches) are normally present on homes in this area, but NO CRACKS were identified here. The structural integrity of the foundation appears to be in excellent condition.

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Roof inspection method: Partially traversed, Viewed from eaves on ladder
Condition of roof surface material: Appeared serviceable
Roof surface material: Asphalt or fiberglass composition shingles
Roof type: Gable
Apparent number of layers of roof surface material: One
Condition of exposed flashings: Appeared serviceable
7) Comment - No active leaks or water damage were detected. Some signs of an old, minor leak were identified from the attic, next to the east side of the chimney. See photos below.

The valleys, ridge line, and exposed flashing all appear to be in good condition.

The shingles are in overall good condition. There is some "bleed-through" visible on the shingles. Bleed-through is common on asphalt/fiberglass shingles, and more visible on lighter colored shingles vs. black shingles. This occurs when the asphalt within the shingle heats up in the summer months, causing it to rise to the surface and then "bleeds" or streaks downward. Minor bleed-through does not affect the integrity of the material, but is mentioned in this report as a courtesy, if any questions arise concerning this.
Photo 7-1
An old leak noted from the attic is located around the chimney flashing. See close-up of this area in next photo.
Photo 7-2
The roof decking underneath this area is seen in the following photo.
Photo 7-3
These stains appear to be old - the wood is not rotting, nor even damp. No water stains are on the brick and the exposed flashing in the previous photo seems to be intact. Monitor this area and ask owner if she has any info concerning this.
Photo 7-4
Photos 7-4 & 7-5 show the valleys to be in good condition
Photo 7-5
Photo 7-6
Ridge line on roof is straight - good condition
Photo 7-7
Photos 7-7 thru 7-9 show exposed flashing, which is in good condition.
Photo 7-8
Photo 7-9
Photo 7-10
Photos 7-10 thru 7-12 show the darker shaded areas of the shingles. This is "bleed through", explained in the upper paragraph.
Photo 7-11
Photo 7-12

Attic and Roof Structure
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Attic inspection method: Traversed
Condition of roof structure: Appeared serviceable
Roof structure type: Rafters
Ceiling structure: Ceiling joists
Condition of insulation in attic (ceiling, skylight chase, etc.): Appeared serviceable
Ceiling insulation material: Rigid foam polystyrene
Approximate attic insulation R value (may vary in areas): R-38
Condition of roof ventilation: Appeared serviceable
Roof ventilation type: Gable end vents, Enclosed soffit vents
8) Satisfactory - The gable and soffit vents were clean and clear - not clogged with dirt, paint, or blocked by insulation - enabling air to flow freely.
Photo 8-1
Photos 8-1 & 8-2 show the soffit vents to be clean and clear.
Photo 8-2
Photo 8-3
Photos 8-3 thru 8-5 show the gable vents and screens to be clean and without tears or holes.
Photo 8-4
Photo 8-5

9) Satisfactory - The attic ventilation is sufficient. The gable and soffit vents are clean and free from any debris that would hinder ventilation.
10) Satisfactory - The attic insulation is in excellent condition. Polystyrene foam provides an insulating factor (R factor) of 4.8 per inch. It is approximately 8 inches deep - producing an insulating factor slightly greater than R-38, which exceeds current standards.
Photo 10-1
The attic insulation is shown around the opening of this light fixture. It is in excellent condition.

11) Satisfactory - The exposed wood (rafters, beams, joists, and roof decking) in the attic are in excellent condition.
Photo 11-1
Photo 11-2
Photo 11-3
Photo 11-4

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Type: Attached
Condition of garage floor: Good condition
Carport interior: Good condition
12) Safety, Comment - There are no pull-down attic stairs installed in the garage ceiling. Installing pull-down attic stairs for convenience is not necessary, but would certainly help safety conditions.

Commercially made, fire resistance-rated stairs are available at most home improvement stores
Photo 12-1
Attic entrance

13) Satisfactory, Comment - The garage's concrete slab floor and the interior walls are in good condition. The ceiling could use a fresh coat of paint for cosmetic purposes.
Photo 13-1
Photo 13-2
Photo 13-3
Photo 13-4

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Electric service condition: Appeared serviceable
Primary service type: Underground
Number of service conductors: 3
Service voltage (volts): 120-240
Estimated service amperage: 150
Primary service overload protection type: Circuit breakers
Main disconnect rating (amps): 150
System ground: Ground rod(s) in soil
Location of main disconnect: Breaker at top of main service panel
Condition of branch circuit wiring: Good condition
Branch circuit wiring type: Non-metallic sheathed (Romex)
14) Safety, Recommendation - Some of the cover plates for junction boxes (in the attic) were missing. These plates are intended to contain fire and prevent electric shock from occurring.

Recommend installing cover plates.
Photo 14-1

15) Safety, Satisfactory, Comment - The main electrical service panel is in good condition. It is located in the master bedroom closet.
It is rated for the correct amount of amperage, matching the other service components (e.g. meter base, service conductor wires and main disconnect). This results in the main service panel being loaded correctly. This helps eliminate any potential electrical fire hazards.

All circuits are clearly labeled.
Photo 15-1
Main electrical panel

16) Safety, Satisfactory - Electrical outlets were tested in every room to ensure that they had been correctly wired and installed. All tested outlets are wired correctly (with "hot", neutral, and ground wires).
Photo 16-1
Photos 16-1 thru 16-3 show some of the receptacles that were tested. All receptacles are correctly wired.
Photo 16-2
Photo 16-3

17) Recommendation - One exterior receptacle cover was missing (front entrance area). Recommend replacing this cover.
Photo 17-1

Plumbing / Fuel Systems
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Condition of service and main line: Good condition
Water service: Public
Condition of supply lines: Good condition
Condition of drain pipes: Good condition
Condition of waste lines: Good condition
Vent pipe condition: Good condition
Vent pipe material: Plastic
Sewage ejector pump installed: Yes
Condition of sewage ejector pump: Good condition
Location of main fuel shut-off valve: At gas meter
18) Satisfactory - The plumbing ventilation line is in good condition
Photo 18-1
Plumbing vent exiting the attic

19) Comment - A sewage ejector pump is installed on the premises, located near the driveway at the foot of the hill. These systems are typically sealed. They can also clog if not careful
The city's water and light servicemen usually check these systems regularly, as a courtesy (ask current owner if this is being done). Typically, these pumps have a lifespan of approximately 10 years.
Photo 19-1

Water Heater
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Condition of water heater: Good condition
Type: Tank
Energy source: Natural gas
Estimated age: 15 years
Capacity (in gallons): 50
Temperature-pressure relief valve installed: Yes
Location of water heater: Attic
Hot water temperature tested: Yes
Water temperature (degrees Fahrenheit): 121 F
Condition of burners: Good condition
Condition of venting system: Good condition
20) Safety, Satisfactory - The drain line was installed for the temperature-pressure relief valve. This is a safety precaution due to the risk of scalding if someone is standing next to the water heater when the valve opens.
21) Recommendation, Comment - The estimated useful life for most water heaters is 8-12 years. This water heater appeared to be beyond this age and/or its useful lifespan and may need replacing at any time. Recommend budgeting for a replacement in the near future, or considering replacement now before any leaks occur. The client should be aware that significant flooding can occur if the water heater fails. If not replaced now, consider having a qualified person install a catch pan and drain or a water alarm to help prevent damage if water does leak.
22) Satisfactory - Water Heater Information: The drain pan / line, pressure relief valve / line, supply lines, and vent piping all appear to be in good condition.

Make: A. O. Smith / nat. gas / 50 gal. capacity

Model: FCG 50 246 Serial #: M698-0014288-246

Mfg. date: 06/1998
Installed 1999 (original equipment)

Photo 22-1
Pressure relief drain line - drain pan is also in good condition
Photo 22-2
Photo 22-3
Water heater vent in good condition

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC)
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General heating system type(s): Forced air, Furnace
General heating distribution type(s): Ducts and registers
Last service date of primary heat source: *Ask current owner
Condition of forced air heating/cooling system: Good condition
Forced air heating system fuel type: Natural gas
Estimated age of forced air furnace: 15 years
Location of forced air furnace: Attic
Location for forced air filter(s): Inside air handler
Condition of forced air ducts and registers: Good condition
Condition of cooling system and/or heat pump: Good condition
Cooling system fuel type: Electric
Type: Split system
23) Recommendation, Comment - Insulation on the air conditioning condensing unit's refrigerant lines has started to deteriorate or missing in areas. Recommend to replace insulation on the exterior lines (lines between the unit and the exterior wall).

This is a very minor detail, but will assist with increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs.
Photo 23-1
Recommend replacing this insulation

24) Satisfactory, Comment - All heating and cooling ducts were intact, without any significant gaps at junctions. They were all properly supported and well insulated. This can result in increased energy efficiency and decreased moisture in surrounding spaces.
Photo 24-1
Photo 24-2

25) Satisfactory, Comment - HVAC Equipment Information

Make: Carrier / Payne / Nat. gas
Serial # 98K012988S and 78J012980S
Model # AS42A382E+PC RH W/078 PISTON

Make: Carrier
Serial # 1004020498 - 3006560998
Model # GSX130421BA - CJX330745CO
Photo 25-1
Photo 25-2
Photo 25-3
Photo 25-4
The LED lights were checked on both units - both receiving a steady 24v power feed

26) Satisfactory - All of the registers and returns for the HVAC system were installed correctly, with none opening into the garage or other non-conditioned areas.
27) Satisfactory - The HVAC system properly responded to the thermostat controls.
28) Satisfactory - Wood burning fireplace appears to be in good condition. The fire brick liner and mortar are intact and without any chips, gaps, or holes in them. The damper arm was checked and worked correctly.
Photo 28-1
Photo 28-2
Damper arm checked and properly working

29) Comment - The estimated useful life for air conditioning condensing units is 10-15 years, and furnaces have a 15-20 year average. This equipment has reached or is approaching this age. However, it is not uncommon to see 30+ year old equipment in use, if well maintained. Both units were running quietly and smoothly during the inspection.

I do recommend budgeting now for possible replacement in the future.
30) Comment - A/C units need to be level to operate correctly. The concrete pad is level now, but recommend adding dirt or gravel around the pad, where the dirt has washed away.
Photo 30-1

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Condition of counters: Good condition
Condition of cabinets: Good condition
Condition of under-sink food disposal: Good condition
Condition of range, cooktop or oven: Good condition
Range, cooktop or oven type: Natural gas
Condition of refrigerator: Good condition
Condition of built-in microwave oven: Good condition
31) Satisfactory - Kitchen countertops and/or backsplashes are in good condition.
Photo 31-1

32) Satisfactory - The Kitchen cabinets, drawers and/or cabinet doors were in good condition.
Photo 32-1

33) Satisfactory - No leaks or water damage were found underneath the kitchen sink.
Photo 33-1
Photo 33-2

34) Satisfactory - The under-sink food disposal was in good condition.
Photo 34-1

35) Satisfactory - The range's burners, bake and broil functions, interior and exterior lights, and exhaust fan were tested and all appeared to be in good working condition.
Photo 35-1

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Condition of cabinets: Good condition
Condition of flooring: Good condition
Condition of sinks and related plumbing: Good condition
Condition of toilets: Good condition
Condition of bathtubs and related plumbing: Good condition
Condition of shower(s) and related plumbing: Good condition
Bathroom and laundry ventilation type: Spot exhaust fans
Gas supply for laundry equipment present: Yes
240 volt receptacle for laundry equipment present: Yes
36) Repair/Replace, Minor Defect - The exhaust fan in the master bathroom has loosened from the ceiling . Repair as necessary.
Photo 36-1

37) Satisfactory - Countertops and/or backsplashes at location(s) # were damaged or deteriorated. Recommend repairing or replacing as necessary.
Photo 37-1

38) Satisfactory - Tile and grout in the flooring is in good condition.
39) Satisfactory - No leaks were detected underneath the bathroom sinks
Photo 39-1
Photo 39-2
Photo 39-3
Photo 39-4
Photo 39-5

40) Satisfactory - Toilets were checked and found to be in good condition. No leaks detected around toilets.
Photo 40-1
Photo 40-2

41) Satisfactory - No leaks detected in or around showers / tubs.
Photo 41-1
Photo 41-2
Photo 41-3

Interior, Doors and Windows
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Condition of exterior entry doors: Good condition
Exterior door material: Wood
Condition of interior doors: Good condition
Condition of windows and skylights: Good condition
Wall type or covering: Drywall
Ceiling type or covering: Drywall
Condition of flooring: Good condition
Flooring type or covering: Carpet, Wood or wood products, Tile
42) Repair/Replace, Minor Defect - Two minor cracks on interior wall and ceiling were identified. Both have been repaired, but need painting.
Photo 42-1
The same crack is shown in photos 42-1 & 42-2 from both sides of the wall. Needs painting.
Photo 42-2
Photo 42-3
A repaired crack over the kitchen service window needs painting.

43) Satisfactory, Comment - Flooring throughout the home was found to be acceptably level. A laser was used to measure the hard-surfaced flooring (wood and ceramic tile).

Carpeted areas can not accurately be measured with a laser, but the flooring underneath appeared to be acceptably level.

All of the flooring appears to be in good condition.
Photo 43-1
Photo 43-2
Photo 43-3

44) Satisfactory - All of the doors and their accompanying hardware were in good condition. No major damage and/or deterioration was noted. All doors opened and closed easily. No problems were noted with the dead bolts / locks, weatherstripping, thresholds, or safety glass.
Photo 44-1
Photo 44-2
Photo 44-3
Photo 44-4

45) Satisfactory - All windows and hardware were found to properly function - opening and closing properly.

One window screen on the front of the home was bent, but still intact.

No broken window panes were detected.

One window shutter on the front side of the home has some minor damage
Photo 45-1
No broken window panes were detected.
Photo 45-2
Corner of shutter has very minor damage
Photo 45-3
This screen is slightly bent, but still intact and useable.
Photo 45-4
This blind on a den window appears to have been chewed on by dogs

Photo X-1

Inspected by Mid South Property Inspections, LLC
Chuck Vincent Lic # MHIB0574