Melchior Home Inspection

Phone: (443) 320-3997
852 W 35th St 
Baltimore MD 21211-2503

Blue Mountain Home Inspection offers more than a comprehensive overview and visual inspection of homes and buildings of all types and sizes. I offer piece of mind when making a purchase. Inspections cover the entire building from the foundation, the electrical and plumbing systems and utilities. All inspections come with a 90 day warranty on items found to be in good working order at the time of the inspection. I have inspected homes mostly in the Maryland area, Colorado and Costa Rica.

"Theron saved me thousands of dollars on the final price of the unit! The nominal fee for the inspection paid for itself many times over!" -Jack Balcom NH US representative. (Purchased Condo in Costa Rica)

"One of the most thorough and complete inspections. He takes his time and is a very calm presence for the client" -Nikola, Baltimore, md (Realtor for Longs and Foster)

"I am willing to pay you double for your expertise and experience. Especially here in Costa Rica where building codes are not always practiced strictly" -2nd condo buyer in Costa Rica (hired after seeing my report on another unit)

"I cant say I am happy with what you found, however, I am happy that it will not be a surprise thanks to you!"

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