John McLemore, Home Inspector

2526 Ferol Ln 
Lynn Haven FL 32444-3226
Inspector: John McLemore
State Licensed Home Inspector HI6608

Four Point Insurance Inspection
Client(s):  Kim Curtis and Larry Floyd
Property address:  1001 Kurze Street
Panama City, Florida 32405
Inspection date:  Friday, August 23, 2013

This report published on Sunday, August 25, 2013 11:11:11 PM CDT

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Table of Contents
4-Point Inspection-Personal Lines
4-Point Inspection-Personal Lines Return to table of contents
INSURED/APPLICANT NAME: Kim Curtis and Larry Floyd
ADDRESS INSPECTED: 1001 Kurze Street, Panama City, FL 32405
ACTUAL YEAR BUILT: 1985 Per Insured
DATE INSPECTED: August 23, 2013
Front elevation: Yes
Rear elevation: Yes
Open Main Electrical Panel and Interior door: Yes
HVAC heating systems equipment (with dated manufacturer's plate): Yes
ALL hazards or deficiencies noted in this report: Yes
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Return to table of contents
Age of Main Panel: 1985
Year Last Updated: 1985
Total Amps: 100
Wiring Type: Romex, BX, or Conduit
Main Panel Amps: 200A CB No problems or deficiencies noted.
Electrical system in good working order: Yes GFCI's working properly and all outlets tested and no problems noted.
HEATING SYSTEM Return to table of contents
Age of System: 12 Years
Year Last Updated: 2001
HVAC systems in good working order: Yes
Central HVAC: Yes SN: outside unit L012958709 SN: inside unit L014086611 Manufacturer: International Comfort Products Corp.
PLUMBING SYSTEM Return to table of contents
Age of System: 28
Year Last Updated: 2005
Type of Pipes: Copper
Plumbing system in good working order: Yes The plumbing system was fully functional and no defects were noted. Hot Water heater GE 40 Gal SN: 0305B03546 mfg date March 2005
ROOF Return to table of contents
Predominant Roof Covering Material: Asphalt Shingles
Predominant Roof Age (years): 11 years (estimated)
Predominant Roof Remaining Useful Life: The owner has contracted with a roofing company to replace the roof. A significant portion of the roof has been secured against leaks by the contractor in preparation for installing the new roof. Please refer to photos.
Predominant Roof Date of Last Roofing Permit: Not available. Records are only maintained for 10 years.
Predominant Roof Overal Condition: Good Roof scheduled for replacement and large portion of the roof could not be inspected. The areas that could be inspected were in good condition and appeared watertight with no visible leaks. No inspection of the covered portion could be addressed.
Predominant roof visible signs of leaks: No The owner reported that the area covered by the roofing contractor had a leak. There were no indications of active leaking during my inspection.

1) This house, with the possible exception of the roof, is in a good to excellent condition. The systems are in good working order with no defects or problems noted.
INSPECTOR INFORMATION Return to table of contents
I certify that I personally inspected these premises on the inspection date noted: Yes
I certify that the above statements are true and correct: Yes
Inspector Title: State Licensed Home Inspector
Inspector License Number: HI6608
Date Signed: August 24,2013

Photo 1  
Interior air handler

Photo 2  

Photo 3  
Exterior compressor

Photo 4  
Closer view of compressor tag

Photo 5  
Kitchen sink plumbing

Photo 6  
Hot water heater

Photo 7  
Hot water tpr valve properly installed

Photo 8  
Service panel

Photo 9  
Inside view of service panel. No defects or problems noted.

Photo 10  
Front view of home

Photo 11  
View of roof from front

Photo 12  
Rear slope

Photo 13  

Photo 14  
Covered portion of roof


John McLemore, State Licensed Home Inspector, HI 6608

Home inspectors are not required to report on the following: Life expectancy of any component or system; The causes of the need for a repair; The methods, materials, and costs of corrections; The suitability of the property for any specialized use; Compliance or non-compliance with codes, ordinances, statutes, regulatory requirements or restrictions; The market value of the property or its marketability; The advisability or inadvisability of purchase of the property; Any component or system that was not observed; The presence or absence of pests such as wood damaging organisms, rodents, or insects; or Cosmetic items, underground items, or items not permanently installed. Home inspectors are not required to: Offer warranties or guarantees of any kind; Calculate the strength, adequacy, or efficiency of any system or component; Enter any area or perform any procedure that may damage the property or its components or be dangerous to the home inspector or other persons; Operate any system or component that is shut down or otherwise inoperable; Operate any system or component that does not respond to normal operating controls; Disturb insulation, move personal items, panels, furniture, equipment, plant life, soil, snow, ice, or debris that obstructs access or visibility; Determine the presence or absence of any suspected adverse environmental condition or hazardous substance, including but not limited to mold, toxins, carcinogens, noise, contaminants in the building or in soil, water, and air; Determine the effectiveness of any system installed to control or remove suspected hazardous substances; Predict future condition, including but not limited to failure of components; Since this report is provided for the specific benefit of the customer(s), secondary readers of this information should hire a licensed inspector to perform an inspection to meet their specific needs and to obtain current information concerning this property.