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Client(s): Sample Report
Property address: 00000 Sun Beach Dr.
Siesta Key, FL 34200
Inspection date: Tuesday, August 28, 2005
This report published on 8/31/2005 4:13:29 PM EDT

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Single family home inspection

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SafetyPoses a risk of injury or death 
Major defectCorrection likely involves a significant expense 
Repair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing 
Repair/MaintainRecommend repair and/or maintenance 
EvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist 
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Structural Pest Inspection Concerns
Items marked with the following icons relate to the structural pest inspection
InfestationEvidence of infestation of wood destroying insects or organisms (Live or dead insect bodies, fungal growth, etc.)
DamageDamage caused by wood destroying insects or organisms (Rot, carpenter ant galleries, etc.)
Conducive conditions for wood destroying insects or organisms. (Wood-soil contact, shrubs in contact with siding, roof or plumbing leaks, etc.)

Table of Contents
General information
Electric service
Water heater
Heating and air conditioning
Plumbing and laundry
Interior rooms

General information Return to table of contents  
Overview: This single family home was built in 1983 and has an in ground pool. The home has approximately 7300 square feet of air conditioned living space on three levels. The foundation is on a cement slab with the first floor being made of cement block and the upper levels being wood covered in stucco with wood siding and trim. The home features wooden balconies on the back of the home. The down side of this home is that much of the wood trim, siding and balcony railings have quite a bit of wood rot that should be addressed by a general contractor or a siding specialist. Most of the doors and windows in this home are in need of either repair or replacement. The home has four HVAC systems to cool the home with one of units currently not cooling the master bedroom, master bath and the room outside the master bedroom that looks out over the pool and canal. The newest of the A.C. units are 10 years old and the other 2 are 14 & 16 years old. It is advised that all of these be re-examined and serviced by a licensed HVAC professional.
The roof was reported to have been replaced 11 years ago on this 22 year old home which may explain the many water stains on the walls and ceilings. There are some general maintenance repairs needed around the exterior and inside the home

Property address: 00000 Sun Beach Dr. Siesta Key, FL 34200
Client name: Sample Report
Seller's name: John Doe
Report number: 1298
Date of inspection: August 28, 2005
Time started: 9:15 am
Time finished: 1:30 pm
Inspection Fee: $500.00
Present during inspection: Buyers and Realtor
Occupied: yes
Age of building: 22 years
Type of building: Single family with an in ground pool
Weather conditions: Clear
Temperature: Hot
Ground condition: Dry
Foundation type: Slab on grade
The following items are excluded from this inspection: Security system, Irrigation system, Swimming pool, Water filtration system, Intercom system Cosmetic defects
  1) Some exterior views of the home

Photo 45  

Photo 46  

Photo 49  

Photo 90  
Exterior Return to table of contents  
Footing material: Poured in place concrete
Foundation material: Poured in place concrete
Apparent wall structure: Wood frame, Concrete block
Wall covering: Wood panels, Stucco
Driveway material: Brick pavers
Sidewalk material: Brick pavers
Exterior door material: Solid core wood
Water pressure (psi): 58
2) Many areas of the house are in need of wood repair due to the wood being rotted by water. Recommend contacting a general contractor or a siding profeesional to examine the entire home and repair as needed

Photo 13  
Wood rot around the light and all along this wall

Photo 14  

Photo 15  

Photo 16  

Photo 17  

Photo 18  

Photo 25  

Photo 26  

Photo 27  

Photo 35  

Photo 36  

Photo 37  

Photo 48  

Photo 89  
3) Light fixture (spotlight) outside the master bedroom is about to fall off from the wood being rotten that it is mounted to. Recommend replacing the rotted wood and remounting the light.

Photo 19  
  4) Was uable to get the kitchen patio lights to turn on.

Photo 51  
Roof Return to table of contents  
Roof inspection method: Viewed from ground
Roof type: Shed
Roof covering: Concrete tile
Estimated age of roof: 11 years
Estimated remaining useful life of roof with recommended repairs (years): 11
Gutter material: None
Downspout material: None
Roof ventilation: Adequate
Electric service Return to table of contents  
Primary service type: Underground
Primary service overload protection type: Circuit breakers Square D
Service amperage (amps): 200
Service voltage (volts): 120-240
Location of main service panel: Garage
Main disconnect rating (amps): 200
Branch circuit wiring type: Non-metallic sheathed ("Romex")
Solid strand aluminum branch circuit wiring present: No
Smoke detectors present: Yes
Water heater Return to table of contents  
Estimated age: 22 years
Estimated remaining useful life with recommended repairs: ? Has outlived it's expected life
Type: Tank
Energy source: Electricity
Capacity (in gallons): 80
Brand & model: Standard Model # 81V-80D MFD 4
  5) Hot water heater appears to be older than 15 years and is older than its estimated useful life. This hot water heater may need replacing at any time.

Photo 71  
This tank is located in the closet of the downstairs bedroom

Photo 73  
The tank is pitting
  6) Water supply shut-off valve won't turn. Recommend having a licensed plumber install a water supply shut-off valve.

Photo 72  
  7) There is a possibly that this a 30 gallon tank that is covered up and is not plugged in, which is located in the game room downstairs. It is unknown if this unit works or not.

Photo 68  
Water heater? Age and condition?
Heating and air conditioning Return to table of contents  
Heating system energy source: Electric
Heat system type: Forced air
A/C energy source: Electric
Air conditioning type: Split system
Distribution system: Sheet metal ducts
  8) AC vents are dirty. Recommend cleaning the vents and the air handler

Photo 29  
Many of the AC vents were found to be very dusty. Recommend having the vents and the air handler's professionally cleaned
  9) Recommend that this system be serviced NOW and bi- annually in the future by a qualified heating and cooling technician.

Photo 9  
This air handler is located in the master bedroom closet. It is currently not cooling and the filter is located here

Photo 77  
This air handler is located in the garage and appears to be a little moldy on the outside of the unit

Photo 78  
It appears that Unique Air has been servicing these units. Recommend contacting this company for more detail information concerning these units.

Photo 80  

Photo 81  
This 11/2 ton Rheem air condenser is 16 years old and appears to be working.

Photo 82  
The ID tag for the Rheem air conditioner

Photo 83  

Photo 84  
This 2 1/2 ton Carrier unit is 14 years old and is for the upstairs master bedroom . Currently it does not appear to be cooling

Photo 85  
ID tag for the 2 1/2 Carrier

Photo 86  
3 ton CARRIER MFD 1995

Photo 87  
Id tag for 2 1/2 ton Carrier MFD 1995

Photo 88  
Attic Return to table of contents  
Inspection method: Traversed master bedroom hatch only
Roof structure type: Trusses
Ceiling structure: Trusses
Insulation material: Fiberglass loose fill
Insulation estimated R value: R19
  10) The garage attic access was blocked by cars therefore , I was unable to inspect it.

Photo 10  
A view of the attic above the master bedroom

Photo 11  
The attic appears to be well ventilated but could use some more insulation

Photo 79  
Plumbing and laundry Return to table of contents  
Location of main water meter: Front yard
Water service: Public
Service pipe material: Copper
Supply pipe material: Copper
Vent pipe material: Plastic
Drain pipe material: Plastic
Waste pipe material: Not visible
Interior rooms Return to table of contents  
  11) Although this home was built prior to the code requiring GFCI protection it should be noted that there are no ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets installed. GFCI outlets help prevent electric shocks in areas that may have water present. Recommend having a licensed electrician install one or more GFCI outlets, especially over counter tops and around sinks.
  12) Several window(s) won't lock. Recommend repairing locking hardware to allow window(s) to lock.
  13) Most of the windows are either in disrepair to where they either won't open, lock properly, stay open or fall out when they are opened. Recommend contacting a window specialist to examine all the windows in the home and evaluate their condition for repair or replacement.

Photo 62  
The windows in this office will not stay open
  14) Pool side kitchen sink bowl is cracked. Cosmetic concern only.

Photo 50  
  15) Master bedroom - Stains on the ceiling over the bed. They were checked with a moisture meter and were found to be dry. Cosmetic concern only.
16) Master bedroom - Closet light is not working. Recommend replacing the bulb or repair as needed.
17) Guest bath by office - Caulk above tub and counter top is deteriorated. Recommend removing old caulk and applying new bead of tub-tile caulk.

Photo 59  

Photo 60  

Photo 61  
  18) Guest bath between the two guest bedrooms - Sink drains slowly. Recommend clearing drain.

Photo 56  
  19) Guest bathroom - Sink stopper doesn't work correctly. Recommend repairing sink stopper so it opens and closes correctly.

Photo 55  
  20) Lower level - ceiling stain above the pool table and there is a ceiling light that is out.

Photo 67  

Photo 69  

Photo 70  
  21) Guest bedroom - door has a gap at the top and does not lock properly

Photo 58  
  22) Pool side kitchen - Cupboards and drawers don't close properly.

Photo 44  
The small refrigerator is outside was turned off at the time of the inspection.

Photo 64  
  23) Screen(s) missing in one or more windows. Window(s) may not provide ventilation during months when insects are active. Recommend installing screens.
  24) The rollers for the interior pocket doors in the guest bath that is between the two guest rooms have bad bearings and do not open and close easily.
  25) Window(s) stuck shut and can't open. Recommend repairing window(s) so they open easily.
  26) Living room pocket doors rollers need to be replaced. Won't slide open.

Photo 38  
These pockets sliders will not open or close well at all. Recommend contacting, a door specialist to repair all the sliders throughout the home.

Photo 54  
Another sliding door that will open freely or can be locked easily
  27) Guest bedroom/sitting room - Door doesn't latch. Recommend adjusting latch plate or lockset mechanism so door latches.

Photo 57  
  28) Door by the pool binds in jamb and is difficult to operate. Recommend repairing door so it opens and closes easily.

Photo 63  
  29) Kitchen - low water pressure at faucet
  30) Dishwasher does not drain completely

Photo 32  
The dishwasher is not draining completely recommend contacting an appliance repair technician.
  31) Wet bar - Hot water valve does not turn

Photo 33  
  32) Master bath - low water at sink and left shower control both on the hot side.
  33) Pool side bath - shower door does not stay shut and the sink handle on the hot side is in disrepair.

Photo 65  
Shower does not stay closed

Photo 66  
Handle missing from the hot water valve
  34) Minor cracks found in ceiling. These are only a cosmetic concern. No action is recommended.
  35) Water stains visible in the ceilings of several rooms, all stains that were checked by the moisture meter were found to be dry
  36) Living room by the archway - Minor cracks found in walls and ceiling. These are only a cosmetic concern. No action is recommended.

Photo 28  
  37) Dining room stains on ceiling

Photo 21  
There are ceiling stains in the dining room by the skylights

Photo 23  
Skylights - ceiling stains were moisture tested and was found to be dry

Photo 24  
Another ceiling stain in the dining room that was moisture checked and found to be dry
  38) Laundry room -grout missing from tile edge of the sink.
  39) Numerous wall, floor and/or ceiling surfaces were obscured by large amounts of furniture and/or stored items, preventing a full evaluation of some areas.

Photo 52  

Photo 53  
Behind this closet door that will stay open on its own, believe it not, there is an air handler in there
  40) Master bedroom mirror has a crack in it by the central vac outlet..
  41) Were stains found on the floor decking in the basement. These stains may have been caused by a past plumbing overflow.

Photo 74  

Photo 75  

Photo 76  
    42) The master bathroom has several problems, see the attached photos.

Photo 1  
The Jacuzzi tub is in working condition , but has very low water pressure at the jets

Photo 2  
The shower pan in the master bath shower has had several tiles replaced and needs to be sealed at the floor level and several tiles on the wall need to be grouted and sealed.

Photo 3  
There is drywall damage outside the shower in the master bath

Photo 4  
There's corrosion around the master bath shower doors

Photo 5  
The master bathroom shower stall, the shower head on the left has little or no water pressure coming out of the hot side.

Photo 6  
This closet door drags on the carpeting and is difficult to open and close.

Photo 7  
There are ceiling stains in the master bath shower

Photo 8  
You must pull the tub stopper up by hand to drain the water

Photo 12  
The tub stopper lever will not release the water

Photo 22  

Photo 39  
This is left-hand sink in the master bathroom. The hot water valve leaks. Recommend contacting a plumber for repairs.

Photo 40  
The metal pipes underneath the sink are starting to deteriorate. Recommend replacing these pipes before they begin to leak.

Photo 41  
Master bathroom sink, piping is deteriorating.

Photo 42  
Grout is missing around the baseboards recommend grouting or applying a bead of caulk to help seal the floor in case of an overflow.

Photo 43  
Master bath shower- Notice the change in the color of the tile. They have been replaced at least once before

Photo 20  
The outside awnings are getting a little tattered

Photo 30  
A view of the kitchen cabinet under the sink.

Photo 31  
These appliances are in good working condition.

Photo 34  
The cabinet of the wet bar is very well-stocked to the point of being unable to inspect any further than the bottles.

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