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Liberty Inspection Services provide third party real estate inspections to Berrien, Cass, Van Buren, and surrounding counties in Southwest and Western Michigan. We are centrally located between South Haven, and Saint Joseph, and can service Kalamazoo, Stevensville, New Buffalo, Berrien Springs, Niles, and all cities and towns of southwest Michigan. Feel free to contact us to ask questions, and learn more about the home inspection process. FREE Homeowner's Handbook with every completed inspection.

ATTENTION INVESTORS: To find the true condition of a home or multi-family building in which you want to invest, obtain the services of a certified home inspector. Obtaining the opinion of an unbiased third party is your advantage to ensuring the true condition of your investment.

**Certified Graduate of the American Home Inspectors Training Institute
**Certified Mold Inspector
**Former Realtor.[/b]

We have a combined experience of over 20 years in home construction(including log homes), home remodeling, in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and siding, and inspections.

Our reports meet or exceed Standards of Practice wth the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the American Society of Home Inspectors, and the National Association of Home Inspectors.

A home inspector merely discloses his or her findings and reports those findings to the client. Everyone involved graduates to a state of higher learning, and the client can now make better informed decisions about the purchase of a home and its future needs of upkeep and repair.

Four key areas of most home/building inspections cover the exterior, the basement or crawlspace areas, the attic or crawlspace areas and the living areas. Inspectors typically will spend sufficient time in all of these areas to visually look for a host of red flags, tell-tale clues and signs or defects and deficiencies.

The inspected areas of a home/building will consist of all of the major visible and accessible electro-mechanical systems as well as the major visible and accessible structural systems and components of a building as they appeared and functioned at the time and date of the inspection.

Inspectors typically do not provide warranties or guaranties with their inspections and reports. Buyers should therefore not rely on the inspection as any form of insurance policy against any latent, hidden, concealed or future defects and deficiencies.

The following are also some key items that buyers should remember and consider when reviewing their inspection reports:
* Inspections are not code compliance evaluations.
* Inspection reports are not structural engineering reports.
* Systems and components that are off during the inspection are not tested or reactivated.
* Buyers should consult with and ask questions of owners and their representatives.
* Roof inspections and their components are typically done from eaves or street level with binoculars.
* Reports are confidential and are meant exclusively for buyers, and not brokers or owners.
* Inspectors typically will not find each and every defect in a building, hence buyers should anticipate future typical defects and deficiencies.
* Further evaluation by specialists is recommended for any areas showing defects/deficiencies.
* A final walk-through inspection should be carried out the day before closing by the new owners to double check the condition of the building.

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