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Property Inspection Report
Client(s): Gibbs Realty
Property address: 322 Katherine Street
Easley, SC
Inspection date: Thursday, February 12, 2009
This report published on 2/13/2009 11:22:12 AM EST

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This report is the exclusive property of this inspection company and the client(s) listed in the report title. Use of this report by any unauthorized persons is prohibited.

How to Read this Report
This report is organized by the property's functional areas.  Within each functional area, descriptive information is listed first and is shown in bold type.  Items of concern follow descriptive information.

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Table of Contents
General information
Electric service
Water heater
Heating and cooling
Fireplaces, woodstoves and chimneys
Crawl space
Interior rooms
Plumbing and laundry
General information Return to table of contents
Inspector: A Daniel Boone
Structures inspected: Residence
Time started: 3:30 pm
Time finished: 5:30 pm
Inspection Fee: $225
Payment method: Invoiced
Occupied: No, but furnishings and stored items are present
Weather conditions: Clear
Temperature: Warm
Ground condition: Dry
Front of structure faces: East
Main entrance faces: East
Foundation type: Crawlspace, Post and pier
The following items are excluded from this inspection: Outbuildings

1)   Electricity was not available during the inspection.

Water was not available during the inspection.

Natural gas was not available during the inspection.
Exterior Return to table of contents
Footing material: Poured in place concrete, Masonry
Foundation material: Post and pier
Apparent wall structure: Wood frame
Wall covering: Brick veneer
Driveway material: Poured in place concrete, Gravel
Sidewalk material: Paving stones, Brick
Exterior door material: Wood
2)   The railing on the chain link fence gate was rusted and broken.

Photo 34  

3)   One or more crawl space vent screens are missing or blocked.
4)   Rot was found in several areas of the soffit and facia boards.

Rot was found around the dormer areas.

Numerous windows had rotten trim.

The lower board of the back porch siding has apparently had some type of water damage.

Photo 17  
Rotten wood around Dormer and bad shingles.

Photo 18  
Soffit and Facia damage

Photo 26  
Facia Rot

Photo 27  
Rotten wood around Dormer

Photo 28  
Rotten brick mold around window

Photo 29  
Facia and soffit needs painting or replacing.

Photo 30  
Missing soffit and facia boards due to damage.

Photo 33  
deterioration due to water damage on wall behind washing machine.

5)   Window glazing putty on most of the windows is missing and/or deteriorated.

Photo 20  
Broken kitchen window and needs glazing.

Photo 31  
Windows needing glazing or replacing.

6)   There were cracks in the brick veneer due to age and settlement of the home.

Photo 35  
Settlement crack.

7)   The exterior door to the living room would not open. The porch area needs wood and painting repairs.

Photo 23  
Front exterior door needs repairing

Photo 42  
Front door overhang needs repair.
Roof Return to table of contents
Roof inspection method: Viewed from ground with binoculars
Roof type: Gable
Roof covering: Asphalt or fiberglass composition shingles
Gutter & downspout material: Aluminum
Roof ventilation: Inadequate
8)   Debris has accumulated in the gutters.
9)   The roofing has shingles missing and needs repair or replacing.

Photo 16  
Loose shingles
Attic Return to table of contents
Inspection method: Viewed from hatch
Roof structure type: Rafters
Insulation material: None visible
10)   No ceiling insulation is installed in the attic.
11)   Ventilation is substandard in the attic.
12)   Evidence of rodent infestation was found.
Electric service Return to table of contents
Primary service type: Overhead
Primary service overload protection type: Circuit breakers, Fuses
Service amperage (amps): 100
Service voltage (volts): 120/240
Location of main service switch: Closet Main Floor
Location of main disconnect: Breaker at bottom of main service panel
Service entrance conductor material: Aluminum
System ground: Ground rod(s) in soil
Main disconnect rating (amps): 100
Smoke detectors present: Yes Inoperable
13)   The service entrance wire insulation is frayed.

Photo 32  
Frayed entrance cable.

14)   The 60 amp sub panel needs to be upgraded from fuses to breakers.

Photo 7  
Fuse panel needs to be upgraded
Water heater Return to table of contents
Type: Tank
Energy source: Electricity
Capacity (in gallons): 40
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
15)   Could not check the waterheater because power and water were off.

Photo 22  
Heating and cooling Return to table of contents
Estimated age: 16 years
Primary heating system energy source: Natural gas
Primary heat system type: Forced air
Primary A/C energy source: Electric
Primary Air conditioning type: Split system
Distribution system: Sheet metal ducts, Flexible ducts, Metal pipe
Manufacturer: Goodman
Filter location: In return air duct above furnace
16)   One or more heating/cooling ducts are lying on the ground. Ducts should be supported (typically with straps or hangers) so that they are not in contact with the ground and subject to damage from moisture.
17)   Significant amounts of debris, dirt and/or dust are visible in one or more sections of supply and/or return air ducts.
18)   Unable to check the furnace or air-conditioning because the power and gas were disconnected. The thermostat was also disconnected from the wall. Some of the flex duct was lying on the ground.

The exterior flue pipe shows signs of age.

Photo 37  

Photo 40  
Flex duct on ground.

Photo 41  
Furnace exhaust vent showing signs of age.
Fireplaces, woodstoves and chimneys Return to table of contents
Fireplace type: Masonry
Chimney type: Masonry
19)   The gas supply for the fireplace was turned off. There was a free standing gas heater in the fireplace area. This could not be tested.
Crawl space Return to table of contents
Inspection method: TraversedAccess Door
Insulation material underneath floor above: Fiberglass roll or batt
Pier or support post material: Masonry
Beam material: Solid wood
Floor structure above: Solid wood joists
Vapor barrier present: No
20)   No vapor barrier is installed. This is a conducive condition for wood destroying insects and organisms due to the likelihood of water evaporating into the structure from the soil.
21)   Insulation under the floor in the crawlspace is damaged, deteriorated, or has fallen down.
22)   There is a rotten board under front deck area. It appears that water has been running between the house and the porch area causing the board to rot. At least one section of the ground appeared to still be wet.

There is mold on the floor joists and brick veneer due to dampness under the house.

Photo 36  
Rotten board under porch and mold on brick.

Photo 38  
Mold on floor joist.
Kitchen Return to table of contents

23)   Upstairs kitchen counter top has settled revealing a wide gap between the countertop and the window sill.

Photo 5  
Counter top dropped

24)   Splash guard for the counter top has pulled away from the wall. There appears to be only one outlet on the entire counter area.

The drain under the kitchen sink is broken.

Unable to check water and electrical.

Window was broken over the sink.

Photo 20  
Broken kitchen window and needs glazing.

Photo 24  
First floor kitchen counter top pulled away from wall.

Photo 25  
Sink trap broken
Bathrooms Return to table of contents

25)   There was no water or power therefore no inspection of either. The tub valves appeared to have been leaking and there were signs of an attempt to patch with glue.

The gas heater in the upstairs den area vents through the wall into the upstairs bathroom and then out through the ceiling.

Photo 9  
Pipes to bathtub have been glued trying to stop leak.

Photo 12  
Heater vent going through roof in bathroom

Photo 13  
Heater vent behind bathroom sink.

Photo 14  
Vent going through wall into bathroom.
Interior rooms Return to table of contents

26)   The interior walls had several places with cracks in the plaster, as well as bowed out areas. There were several places with either holes or cut-outs which were not used.

Baseboards were missing in areas, throughout the house. There appeared to be newly installed woodgrained flooring, which had not been completed, in several rooms.

Several of the interior doors had missing or broken door knobs.

The front exterior door would not open at all.

Several of the rooms had uneven floors.

Evidence of rodents living in the exterior wall of downstairs rear bedroom.

One or more smoke alarms are damaged, deteriorated and/or missing from their mounting brackets.

Photo 2  
Bowed wall

Photo 3  
Rodent damage.

Photo 4  
Hole in closet wall.

Photo 6  
Bowed wall.

Photo 8  
Settlement cracks in plaster.

Photo 10  
Settlement cracks in plaster wall

Photo 11  
Plaster wall damage.

Photo 15  
Hole in wall where someone cut.

Photo 19  
Door knobs broke.

Photo 23  
Front exterior door needs repairing
Plumbing and laundry Return to table of contents
Location of main water shut-off valve: Water meter
Location of main water meter: Next to the street
Water service: Public
Supply pipe material: Copper
Vent pipe material: Cast iron
Drain pipe material: Plastic
Waste pipe material: Plastic, Cast iron
27)   Unable to check fixtures in the house due to no water. All seemed to need repair. The water pipes under the house are in need of replacement.

The cast iron waste pipes under the house appear to be deteriorating.

Photo 39  
Old cast iron pipes and fallen insulation.

28)   The washing machine connections are located in an unheated area on the back porch.

Photo 21  
Washing machine connections on porch

At the time of inspection the main concerns seem to be:

Moisture under the house causing mold on floor joist and brick veneer. There appears to be evidence of water running under the house from the northwest corner in the past.

Water entering crawlspace through front porch has caused rotted boards under the porch and could possibly cause deterioration of main sills.

The electrical system should be upgraded from a two wire system to a three wire grounding system and sub panels should be upgraded.

The plumbing system also needs upgrading. The combination of copper and galvanized pipe throughout the house show signs of deterioration and leaks.

Lack of insulation in the attic.

Bowing and dipping of plaster walls may indicate past damage of interior walls.

The roof , along with soffit and facia are in need of replacement or repair.

Some windows have been replaced, however others are in need of repair or replacement.

Minor cracks in brick veneer and plaster walls, show signs of settlement.