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Clear Pool Inspections
(209) 955-9908
15566 N Highway 88 
Lodi CA 95240-9706
Inspector: Art Delgado

Sample Pool Inspection

Client(s):  Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Property address:  1234 Main Street
Lodi, CA
Inspection date:  Monday, August 1, 2016

This report published on Friday, October 19, 2018 12:34:55 PM PDT

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How to Read this Report
This report is organized by the property's functional areas.  Within each functional area, descriptive information is listed first and is shown in bold type.  Items of concern follow descriptive information. Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
Concern typeSafetyPoses a safety hazard
Concern typeRepair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing
Concern typeRepair/MaintainRecommend repair and/or maintenance
Concern typeEvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist
Concern typeCommentFor your information

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Table of Contents

Swimming Pool

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Swimming Pool
Table of contents
Limitations: The following items are not included in this inspection: swimming pool bodies; equipment on timers, remote controls or sensors; underground or concealed piping; motorized covers; waterfalls and related equipment; Ozone generators; ultraviolet light systems; filter back-flushing mechanisms. Any comments made regarding these items are as a courtesy only. Note that the inspector does not disassemble filters, remove pool covers, nor determine if swimming pool bodies, filters or skimmers leak, nor determine if swimming pool bodies are level.
Condition of body: Appeared serviceable
Body type: Below ground ~
Body material: Plaster-Gunite ~
Condition of deck: Appeared serviceable
Deck material: Concrete
Condition of coping: Appeared serviceable
Coping material: Brick
Condition of pumps, lines and valves: Appeared serviceable
Water is refilled through: Hose
Types of pumps installed: Circulation, Sweep
Line material: PVC
Condition of filter and related equipment: Appeared serviceable
Filter type: Diatomaceous earth
Filter air relief valve installed: Yes
Filter pressure gauge installed: Yes
Pressure when filter is clean (psi): 8-10 psi
Filter pressure at time of inspection (psi): 12 psi
Condition of skimmers: Appeared serviceable
Condition of electrical equipment: Required repair, replacement and/or evaluation (see comments below)
Location of electrical disconnect: In sub-panel at equipment
Type of wiring: Liquid Tite Flex, Rigid conduit, PVC
The following items are excluded from this inspection: Slide ~
Water level: Full
1) The alarm for one or more doors between the house and the pool was inoperable. While regulations vary between municipalities, all doors which give access to a swimming pool should be equipped with an audible alarm that should:
  • Sound for 30 seconds or more when the door and/or screen are opened
  • Sound within seven seconds after the door is opened
  • Be loud; at least 85 dBA (decibels) at 10 feet away
  • Be distinct from other sounds in the house
  • Have a manual switch to disable it temporarily where the switch is located at least 54 inches above the door's threshold
  • Have an automatic reset feature
For more information, visit:
Cost estimate: $35-55 each
Photo 1-1 
Photo 1-2 
2) Neutral and equipment ground conductors were combined at the equipment sub-panel. Only main service panels should be configured this way. This is a safety hazard due to the risk of shock. Neutral conductors should be attached to a "floating" neutral bar that's not bonded to the panel, while grounding conductors should be attached to a separate grounding bar that is bonded to the panel. A licensed electrician should evaluate and repair as necessary.
Photo 2-1 
Photo 2-2 
3) Some conduit sections and/or fittings were loose. This is a potential safety hazard for shock or fire. A licensed electrician should evaluate and repair as necessary.
Cost estimate: $75-125
Photo 3-1 
4) The diving board has some rust on the base, and the plastic caps to protect the mounting bolts from rusting are deteriorated. These minor maintenance issues should be addressed by a pool service company to keep the diving board in good condition.
Cost estimate: $150-200
Photo 4-1 
Photo 4-2 The rust on the diving board base should be removed and treated with a rust inhibitor, such as Rustoleum paint.
Photo 4-3 
Photo 4-4 
Photo 4-5 
5) Minor cracks, settlement, heaving and/or deterioration were found in the decking. Recommend caulking or sealing cracks as necessary to prevent water intrusion and further cracking or movement.
Cost estimate: $100-200
Photo 5-1 
Photo 5-2 
Photo 5-3 
6) One or more decking drain covers were damaged. Covers should be replaced as necessary.
Cost estimate: $25
Photo 6-1 
7) The plaster surface of the pool body had staining, rust spots, and pop ups in some areas. A plaster contractor should evaluate and repair as necessary. Please Note: Concrete pools or spas should be re-plastered every 10 to 15 years. For more information, visit:
Photo 7-1 
Photo 7-2 Our website: has references to quality plaster companies on our "partners" page.
Photo 7-3 
8) The tile in many areas of the pool body was significantly stained. A tile cleaning company can easily remove the calcium deposits.
Cost estimate: $300
Photo 8-1 We have references on our website for quality tile cleaning and repair services.
9) Both skimmers were replaced at some point in the past.
Photo 9-1 Both skimmers appear to have been replaced at one time. This is a common area for leaks, and sometimes a complete replacement is necessary.
Both skimmers appeared in good condition.
10)  The light was tested and in serviceable condition
Photo 10-1 
Photo 10-2 This switch located near the deck operates the pool light.
11)  The pump, filter, and timers all appeared in good condition.
Photo 11-1 
Photo 11-2 
Photo 11-3 
Photo 11-4 
12)  The handrails for the pool were secure.
Photo 12-1 
Photo 12-2 
13)  This pool is equipped with a Polaris 380 cleaner in serviceable condition.
Photo 13-1 

Overall, this pool and its equipment are in serviceable condition. The plaster will likely need replacement within the next 3-5 years, but this is part of normal pool maintenance. The pool is usable as is.