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Home Inspection Report
Client(s): Stephen Lane
Property address: 1159 Park Pl.
Washington Crossing, Pa. 18977
Inspection date: Friday, March 21, 2008
This report published on 3/24/2008 5:08:33 PM EDT

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How to Read this Report
This report is organized by the property's functional areas.  Within each functional area, descriptive information is listed first and is shown in bold type.  Items of concern follow descriptive information. Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
SafetyPoses a risk of injury or death 
Major defectCorrection likely involves a significant expense 
Repair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing 
Minor defectCorrection likely involves only a minor expense 
MaintainRecommend ongoing maintenance 
EvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist 
CommentFor your information 

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Table of Contents
General Information
Attached Garage
Electric Service
Water Heater
Heating and Air Cond
Plumbing and Laundry
Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Devices
Interior Rooms
General Information Return to table of contents
Report number: 032108-1
Time started: 8:15 AM
Time finished: 11:00 AM
Inspection Fee: $350 (Inc. Radon & Termite reports)
Present during inspection: Buyer, Realtor
Occupied: Yes
Age of building: Approx 30 yrs
Type of building: Single family
Utilities On: Yes
Weather conditions: Clear
Temperature: Cold 38 deg
Ground condition: Dry
Main entrance faces: South, East
Foundation type: Finished basement
Exterior Return to table of contents
Foundation material: Poured in place concrete
Apparent wall structure: Wood frame
Wall covering: Brick, Vinyl
Driveway material: Poured in place concrete
Sidewalk material: Poured in place concrete

1) Concrete walks are cracked and heaved in a few areas and poses a trip hazard. Recommend having a qualified paving contractor evaluate and replace or repair walks as necessary to eliminate trip hazards.

Photo 6  

Photo 7  

Photo 8  

Photo 9  

Photo 10  

2) Propane tanks on side of property. Recommend solid platform such as concrete under tanks to prevent possible damage and leaks to lines.

Photo 3  

Photo 41  

3) Recommend installing plastic well covers over basement window wells to help deter water away from foundation.

Photo 40  

4)   Wood tool shed located in rear yard. Unit in fair condition at time of inspection.

Photo 42  

Photo 43  

5)   Wood retaining walls in fair condition. Light wood rot noted in a few very small areas.

Photo 2  
Roof Return to table of contents
Roof inspection method: Viewed from eaves on ladder, Viewed from ground Binoculars
Roof type: Gable
Roof covering: Asphalt or fiberglass composition shingles
Estimated age of roof: Approx 15 + - years
Gutter & downspout material: Aluminum
Roof ventilation: Inaccessible
6) Roof and attic was re-inspected 3/24/08, attic was accessible for inspection. No concerns were noted with roof structure at time of inspection (Photos 49/50/51/52). Sag in roof appears to be from a combination of extra long roof rafters which dry out and bow in the center over time. Also, when installed, framing lumber has a slight bow to it which should be installed (crown up) as it's called in the building trade which means the bow would face up toward the roof. If rafters are installed opposite it will make for a more noticeable sag (Photo 44). Combined with the support posts below the structure which appear to have insufficent footings under the posts. The center post is installed across a seam of the patio concrete below. The concrete is lightly cracked around the post which would indicate a poor footing (Photo 47). The inner end post is installed the same way although appears to have somewhat of a footing (Photo 46). The outer post appears to have a sufficient footing, however, it is installed atop a metal plinth which is not anchored (Photo 48). The wood posts also have some splitting which, although normal for exterior structures such as decks, may not be proper under the bearing load installed above(Photo 45) . Structure should be evaluated by a certified building contractor with estimates for corrections made to addition.
NOTE: The installation of this addition had no documentation available to determine when it was constructed, by whom, or if proper permits were obtained.

Photo 44  

Photo 45  

Photo 46  

Photo 47  

Photo 48  

Photo 49  

Photo 50  

Photo 51  

Photo 52  

7) Rear roof above bedroom addition has a sag in the roof rafter line (Photo 39). Underside of roof was innaccesible at time of 1st inspection due to stored items, shelf structure, and sealed access panel.

Photo 30  

Photo 39  

9) No visible concerns noted with roof covering at time of inspection.
Attached Garage Return to table of contents

10) Drywall in garage attic space is loose. Recommend securing drywall which is a fire deterrent. Wood attic access door also has no fire proofing material such as drywall installed.

Photo 37  

11) Garage-house door isn't auto-closing. Recommend installing hinges with springs or an automatic door closing device so door closes and latches automatically to prevent vehicle fumes from entering building.
12)   No concerns noted with automatic door or auto reverse mechanism at time of inspection.
13)   NOTE: Garage has steel bracing installed to support roof addition above. No concerns noted.

Photo 38  
Electric Service Return to table of contents
Primary service type: Underground
Primary service overload protection type: Circuit breakers
Service amperage (amps): 200
Service voltage (volts): 120-240
Location of main service panel: Garage
Location of main disconnect: Breaker at top of main panel
Main disconnect rating (amps): 200
Branch circuit wiring type: Non-metallic sheathed ("Romex")
Solid strand aluminum branch circuit wiring present: No
Smoke detectors present: Yes
14) Recommend electrician to correct following concerns: Open ground outlet in dining room near windows, two loose wall outlets in laundry room,
15) Outlet loose in basement near closet. Repair as needed.

Photo 17  

16) Recommend upgrading kitchen outlets within 6' of water source to GFCI protected outlets for safety. Also recommend upgrading all bathroom, exterior, at least one garage, and one basement outlet to GFCI protected outlets for safety.
NOTE: This recommendation may or may not be required in some areas due to a grandfathering clause but is still recommended to buyer as a safety suggestion.

17) One or more smoke detectors appear inoperable, loose, missing, or in need of repair. Recommend replacing inoperable smoke detectors as necessary, and installing additional smoke detectors as necessary so a function one exists in each hallway and bedroom.

Photo 34  

18) Recommend installing cover on open electrical box in heater room of basement.

Photo 19  

19) Recommend outlet cover on wall outlet above fireplace in family room for safety.

Photo 24  

20) Light above kitchen sink was inoperable. Replace bulb as needed.
21)   NOTE: Electrical concerns such as loose, damaged, or improperly wired switches or outlets are listed in the appropriate section of the report. Since some outlets or switches were inaccessible at time of inspection it is recommended that the electrician test all circuits and receptacles for proper wiring when making repairs.
22)   No visible concerns noted with main electric service panel at time of inspection.

Photo 36  
Water Heater Return to table of contents
Estimated age: Approx 7 + - yrs old.
Type: Tank
Energy source: Electricity
Capacity (in gallons): 80
Brand & model: Bradford White
23)   No visible concerns noted with water heater at time of inspection.

Photo 13  
Heating and Air Cond Return to table of contents
Heating system energy source: Propane gas
Heat system type: Forced air
A/C energy source: Electric
Air conditioning type: Central
Thermostat: Operated properly
Distribution system: Sheet metal ducts
Heater Manu: Trane
Heater Approx Age: Approx 4 yrs
A/C Manu: Ruud
A/C Unit Approx Age: Approx 14 + - yrs
Capacity: 3 1/2 ton unit
Abandoned Oil Tank: No
24) Recommend installing shutoff switch within sight of A/C condenser for safety.

Photo 4  

25) Recommend that this system be inspected, serviced and repaired as necessary annually in the future by a qualified heating and cooling technician.

Photo 4  

Photo 15  

26) Outdoor air temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, unable to operate and/or fully evaluate cooling system.
Attic Return to table of contents
Inspection method: Not inspected Inaccessible
Plumbing and Laundry Return to table of contents
Water service: Private
Water Service pipe material: Not visible
Supply pipe material: Copper
Vent pipe material: PVC
Drain pipe material: Not visible
Waste pipe material: Not visible
27) Water pressure was very low in several areas at time of inspection. Noted were: Master bedroom shower, basement, 1st floor, and master sinks, kitchen sink. This can be caused by several reasons including, blocked feed lines, clogged screens and/or aerators at faucets, problematic well pump, etc. Recommend evaluation of well pump and plumbing lines if necessary to determine cause of low pressure.

Photo 12  

28) Recommend having septic tank inspected. Recommend pumping tank if last pumped more than 3 years ago.
Basement Return to table of contents
Ext. Foundation Walls: Concrete
Insulation material underneath floor above: None visible
Floor structure above: Solid wood joists
29) Have cable wall outlet secured to wall as needed in basement. Minor defect.

Photo 16  

30) Recommend buyer upgrade security to basement door such as deadbolt assembly which is only locked by a regular handset with has a weak striker plate and easily accessible.

Photo 18  

31) Trench cut into basement floor in utility closet is to allow water drainage from floor perimeter to drain into sump pit. Buyer can install a PVC type pipe in trench and cover with concrete if desired.

Photo 11  

32)   Sump pump operated properly at time of inspection. Unit also has battery backup system.

Photo 14  
Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Devices Return to table of contents
Fireplace type: Masonry
Chimney type: Masonry
33) Concrete pointing missing in wall of fireplace in family room (Photo 20). Only a very small portion of flues were visible from dampers. Recommend that fireplaces be cleaned and re-inspected to insure no hidden damage is present in chimneys or flues prior to settlement. Recommend annual inspections by a qualified chimney service contractor and cleaned as necessary thereafter.

Photo 20  

Photo 21  

Photo 22  

Photo 26  

Photo 27  
Interior Rooms Return to table of contents
Kitchen Loc: 1st floor rear
Cooking Appliances: Range
Type: Electric
Other Built-Ins: N/A
Disposal: N/A
Dishwasher: Operated at time of inspection
Bath #1 Loc: Basement - 1/2 bath
Bath #2 Loc: 1st floor - 1/2 bath
Bath #3 Loc: 2nd floor hall bath
Bath #4 Loc: Master bath
Bedroom # 1 Loc: Master bedroom 2nd floor
Bedroom #2 Loc: 2nd floor rear (addition)
Bedroom #3 Loc: 2nd floor hall end left
Bedroom #4 Loc: 2nd floor hall end right
34) Torn screens in family room and end bedroom windows. Repair/replace as needed.

Photo 23  

Photo 32  

35) Ceramic wall tiles in laundry room are damaged or loose at floor level. Repair as needed.

Photo 25  

36) Drywall loose or damage above window in dining room next to ceiling beam (Photo 28). Also in living room at wall/ceiling joint at top of cathedral ceiling (Photo 35),( NOTE: not as noticeable in photo.)Appears to be from condensation over time from interior warm and exterior cold conditions. This is mainly cosmetic.

Photo 28  

Photo 35  

37) End right bedroom closet door missing door stop molding. Install trim as needed.

Photo 33  

38) Access cover missing in master bedroom. Other bathrooms do not have plumbing access. Recommend installing access panels if plumbing to bathrooms is needed in future.

Photo 29  

39) No ventilation noted in kitchen. Recommend at least non-vented hood with fan over range for ventilation.
40)   Damage to ceiling/wall in rear addition bedroom closet. Could not access to determine cause.

Photo 31  

PLEASE NOTE: Although estimate costs are rarely placed in report due to need for further evaluation. According to Pa. law, estimates for any repair or replacement costs must be given as a range of costs and not in exact amounts. If any estimate costs are listed on the Summary sheet, they are added as a basic guide and a courtesy only! It is Strongly recommended that the client obtain at least two written estimates from local contractors that perform the type of work needed prior to doing intended work.