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(949) 283-5013
5075 Warner Ave Ste 207 
Huntington Beach CA 92649-4000
Inspector: Alan A. Alicante
InterNACHI Certified Inspector: #1411616
FAA Certified Remote Pilot: #3927142


Client(s):  Sample Report - Investor - Flip House
Property address:  12345 Flipper Way
Corona Del Mar CA 92625-1609
Inspection date:  Saturday, June 1, 2019

This report published on Sunday, December 6, 2020 7:07:48 AM PST

This report is the exclusive property of this inspection company and the client(s) listed in the report title. Use of this report by any unauthorized persons is prohibited.

Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
Concern typeSafetyPoses a safety hazard
Concern typeRepair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing
Concern typeRepair/MaintainRecommend repair and/or maintenance
Concern typeMinor DefectCorrection likely involves only a minor expense
Concern typeMaintainRecommend ongoing maintenance
Concern typeEvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist
Concern typeMonitorRecommend monitoring in the future
Concern typeServiceableItem or component is in serviceable condition
Concern typeCommentFor your information

General Information
1) Reinspection 6-17-19 ~ Needs attention
Photo 1-1 Inspector was having problems locking curtain door.
Photo 1-2 New Issue.
Photo 1-3 Line item #3 Missing drain covers asof 6-17-19
Photo 1-4 Missing drain covers asof 6-17-19
Photo 1-5 Line item #25 Damper handle was difficult to open and close
Photo 1-6 Line item #25 Master bedroom
Photo 1-7 Line item #10 Attic access cover still needs attention.
Photo 1-8 Line item #23 Missing damper clamps in one or more fireplaces.
Photo 1-9 Line item #23 Example of other fireplace damper clamp located in house.
Photo 1-10 Line item # 6 - Tree limb is close to roof. This may or may not become a future problem during heavy winds. If not trimmed monitor in the future for possible damage.

3) Recommend installing a drain screens on one or more decks, this helps to prevent clog ups and debris from entering and plugging up drain.
Photo 3-1 
Photo 3-2 
4) The condition of the drain(s) is unknown. It's beyond the scope of a home inspection to determine if these drains flow adequately during prolonged periods of heavy rain. Recommend consulting with the property owners about this if possible, and monitoring drains in the future. If water is found to accumulate, then recommend that a qualified contractor evaluate and repair as necessary. For example, by cleaning, repairing or installing drains.
Photo 4-1 

Exterior and Foundation
6) Trees were in contact with or were close to the building at one or more locations. Damage to the building may occur, especially during high winds, or may have already occurred (see other comments in this report). Recommend that a qualified tree service contractor or certified arborist remove trees as necessary to prevent damage to the building exterior.
Photo 6-1 

Attic and Roof Structure
10) The pull-down attic stairs did not close properly, and was missing weather stripping, in addition the foam insulation board that was glued in place and is slipping out of position. Recommend that a qualified person adjust to close properly, repair insulation and install weatherstripping per standard building practices for better energy efficiency. For more information, visit:
Photo 10-1 
Photo 10-2 
Photo 10-3 Line item #10 Attic access cover still needs attention.

13) Carbon monoxide alarms were missing on one or more levels. This is a potential safety hazard. Some states and/or municipalities require CO alarms to be installed in the vicinity of each sleeping area, on each level and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Recommend installing additional carbon monoxide alarms per these standards. For more information, visit:

Missing CO upstairs in hallway.
Photo 13-1 
14) One or more light fixtures under kitchen cabinets flicker when on. Recommend that a qualified electrician evaluate and repair or replace light fixtures as necessary.
Photo 14-1 
Photo 14-2 
Photo 14-3 

Plumbing / Fuel Systems
17) If this property was unoccupied and the plumbing system has not been in continuous operation recently. It's possible for plumbing leaks to exist but not be apparent. Leaks can be small and take time to become visible. The inspector normally operates all accessible and operable plumbing fixtures, but this limited inspection may not reveal small leaks that only become visible after constant use of the plumbing system. After taking occupancy, monitor the plumbing system for leaks that may become apparent. Areas below the house should be evaluated after plumbing has been operated to check for leaks. Any problems that are found should be repaired by a qualified plumber.

Fireplaces and Chimneys
23) A fireplace was equipped with a gas burner and the chimney damper could close. This is a safety hazard due to the possibility of burner or pilot light exhaust gases entering living spaces. The fire place damper needs to have the safety clip installed; the clip keeps the damper from closing 100% in case the gas is accidently left-turned on Modifications should be made to prevent the damper from ever closing to prevent this. A qualified contractor should repair per standard building practices so the damper cannot close.
Photo 23-1 Line item #23 Missing damper clamps in one or more fireplaces.
Photo 23-2 Line item #23 Example of other fireplace damper clamp located in house.
24) One or more wood-burning fireplaces were found at the property. When such devices are used, they should be professionally inspected and cleaned annually to prevent creosote build-up and to determine if repairs are needed. The National Fire Protection Association states that a "Level 2" chimney inspection should be performed with every sale or transfer of property with a wood-burning device. Recommend consulting with the property owner about recent and past servicing and repairs to all wood-burning devices and chimneys or flues at this property. Recommend that a qualified specialist evaluate all wood-burning devices and chimneys, and clean and repair as necessary. Note that if a wood stove insert is installed, it may need to be removed for such an evaluation. For more information, search for "chimney inspection" at:
25) One or more fireplace dampers was difficult to open. Recommend that a qualified contractor repair or replace dampers as necessary.
Photo 25-1 
Photo 25-2 
Photo 25-3 Line item #25 Damper handle was difficult to open and close

27) One or more cabinet doors were difficult to open or close. Recommend that a qualified person repair as necessary.
Photo 27-1 
Photo 27-2 
Photo 27-3 

Bathrooms, Laundry and Sinks
30) The toilet handle sticks in the open/flush position when used. This could be a problem when a guest uses the bathroom and pushes or pulls the lever to hard. Recommend that a qualified person should repair or adjust as components as necessary.
Photo 30-1 
Photo 30-2 

Interior, Doors and Windows
33) Recommend cleaning all window and door tracks from new construction debris.
Photo 33-1