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Home Inspection Report
Client(s): William L. Donovan
Property address: 5631 SW 57th St
Saddle Oaks Club
Ocala, FL 34474
Inspection date: Tuesday, October 27, 2009
This report published on 10/28/2009 1:58:35 AM EDT

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This inspection is Not for Mold, Termites/WDO or Radon, engage the services of licensed specialty company. This home inspection is visual in nature; restricted to accessible areas. Client should consult with experts with additional questions, licensed contractors, engineers, etc. Inspection was conducted within the time constraints given. Inspector recommends all repairs be accomplished by Licensed contractors of appropriate trades and County or City permits be obtained as required.

How to Read this Report
This report is organized by the property's functional areas.  Within each functional area, descriptive information is listed first and is shown in bold type.  Items of concern follow descriptive information.
Concerns are shown and sorted according to these types:
SafetyPoses a risk of injury or death 
Repair/ReplaceRecommend repairing or replacing 
Repair/MaintainRecommend repair and/or maintenance 
Minor Defect 
EvaluateRecommend evaluation by a specialist 
ServiceableItem or component is in serviceable condition 
CommentFor your information 

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General information
Type of building: Manufactured home
Occupied: No, but furnishings and stored items are present
Foundation type: Post and pier
The following items are excluded from this inspection: Irrigation system
Foundation material: Steel frame on concrete block piers
Apparent wall structure: Wood frame

1) Repair/Maintain - Recommend re-caulking around window and other wall penetrations where needed to prevent water and insect intrusion into interior wall areas.

Photo 5  

2) Evaluate, Comment - Inspector recommends adjusting or relocating sprinkler system heads to reduce or eliminate the water spraying on the stucco veneer skirt siding. Premature failure of the metal lath material holding the stucco finnish will result if not corrected.

Photo 9  
Mineral stains from water sprayed on stucco finish noted on either side of the spray head noted.

3) Comment - Exterior views of home.

Photo 2  
Right side view.

Photo 4  
Rear view.

Photo 6  
Left side view.
Roof inspection method: Traversed
Roof type: Gable
Roof covering: Asphalt or fiberglass composition shingles
Estimated age of roof: 2004
Gutter & downspout material: Aluminum, Steel
Roof ventilation: None visible
4) Repair/Maintain - Flashing seal is slightly deteriorated, recommend re-sealing to prevent water intrusion.

Photo 10  

5) Comment - General roof views.

Photo 11  

Photo 12  

6) - Inspector recommends removing gutter guards and re-sealing Starter course of shingles against water intrusion. Inspector also recommends regular maintenance (cleaning of gutters) to prevent back-splash of rainwater under Starter course of roof shingles.

Photo 13  
Electric service
Primary service type: Underground
Primary service overload protection type: Circuit breakers
Service amperage (amps): 150
Service voltage (volts): 120/240
Location of main service switch: Exterior Main panel & interior sub-panel
Service entrance conductor material: Copper
System ground: Ground rod(s) in soil
Main disconnect rating (amps): 150
Branch circuit wiring type: Non-metallic sheathed, Copper
Solid strand aluminum branch circuit wiring present: No
Smoke detectors present: Yes
7) Serviceable, Comment - Interior views of exterior Main and interior sub-panels; no defects noted, all copper wiring.

Photo 14  
Interior panel.

Photo 15  
Exterior panel.
Water heater
Estimated age: 2004, serial plate sticker torn at serial #
Type: Tank
Energy source: Electricity
Capacity (in gallons): 19.9 Gallons
8) Serviceable, Comment - Appliance views. Inspector recommends when replacing water heater the installation of a Catch pan to prevent interior flooding or damage to sub-flooring. Unit is a Small capacity unit19.9 gallons. Buyer might wish to consider relocating unit to the Laundry/Utility room if upgrading to a larger capacity, new location will free up interior closet space and prevent home interior water damage in the event of a unit failure.

Photo 21  

Photo 22  
Heating and cooling
Estimated age: Mfg. 1998
Primary heating system energy source: Electric
Primary heat system type: Forced air
Primary A/C energy source: Electric
Primary Air conditioning type: Heat pump
Distribution system: Plastic pipe
Last service date: Unknown
9) Repair/Maintain, Evaluate - The last service date of this system appears to be more than one year ago, or the inspector was unable to determine the last service date. The client(s) should ask the property owner(s) when it was last serviced. If unable to determine the last service date, or if this system was serviced more than one year ago, a qualified heating and cooling contractor should inspect, clean, and service this system, and make repairs if necessary. This servicing should be performed annually in the future.
10) Serviceable, Comment - Appliance views.

Photo 7  

Photo 8  
Plumbing and laundry
Water service: Public
Service pipe material: PVC
Supply pipe material: CPVC
Vent pipe material: Plastic
Drain pipe material: Plastic
Waste pipe material: Plastic
11) Safety, Repair/Replace - Laundry/Utility room GFCI electrical outlet did not trip when tested with inspector's plug tester. Outlet is within 6 feet of sink and requires replacement for personal Safety.

Photo 3  

12) Serviceable, Comment - Homes plumbing pipes have been replaced and upgraded to CPVC from Polybutylene plastic pipes.
Crawl space
Inspection method: Partially traversed
Pier or support post material: Concrete
Beam material: Steel
Floor structure above: Not visible
Vapor barrier present: Yes
13) Safety, Repair/Maintain - Inspection of the crawl revealed that a anchor strap in missing at the right rear corner of the home, in the area sprinkler system pipes. It appears that the strap was purposely cut and removed, perhaps when the home was re-plumbed.

Recommend re-installing anchor strap for proper anchoring in a wind event.

This condition will affect insurability of the home.

14) Comment - Some crawl space areas were inaccessible due to low height (less than 18 inches), ductwork or pipes blocking, standing water, and/or stored items. These areas are excluded from this inspection.

15) Safety, Repair/Replace, Evaluate - One or more electric receptacles that serve countertop surfaces within six feet of a sink appear to have no ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection. This is a safety hazard due to the risk of shock. A qualified electrician should evaluate to determine if GFCI protection exists, and if not, repairs should be made so that all receptacles that serve countertop surfaces within six feet of sinks have GFCI protection. For example, install GFCI receptacles or circuit breaker(s) as needed.

Photo 23  

16) Repair/Replace, Evaluate - The range hood fan is inoperable. A qualified contractor should evaluate and repair or replace the fan or the range hood as necessary.

Photo 26  

17) Repair/Replace, Evaluate - One or more sink drains have an active leak. For example, at pipe fittings and/or junctions between pipe and sink. A qualified plumber should evaluate and repair as necessary.

Photo 25  
Water dripping from pipes.

18) Repair/Replace - The sink sprayer at the kitchen sink is inoperable or defective. It should be replaced, and by a qualified plumber if necessary.

Photo 24  

19) Minor Defect - The light in range hood is inoperable. Recommend replacing light bulb(s) or having repairs made by a qualified contractor as necessary.

20) Repair/Replace, Minor Defect - Window crank assemblies are damaged, do not open or close fully each window, replace as needed.

Photo 18  

Photo 20  

21) Repair/Replace - Base of both bathroom toilets tested as elevated levels of moisture. In inspector's opinion this is caused by failure of the wax seals at the toilet base. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified plumber to determine if sub-flooring is damaged and to make repairs as needed.

Photo 16  

Photo 17  

Photo 19  

NACHI "standards of inspection" can be found at,

please refer to the above site for a list of items that are and are not inspected or reported on.

All repairs should be done by Licensed Contractors

This inspection is not for Mold, Termites/WDO or Radon.

All appliances worked the day of Inspection except as noted or excluded.